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Monday, September 13, 2004

Charles Johnson gets some respect in Opinion Journal (Wall Street Journal)

Little Green Footballs was an inspiration for my blog. Finally, Charles gets some deserved recognition. The LA Times, CBS News, and now the Wall Street Journal, have noticed the power of the blogosphere. CBS suggests the blogosphere does not fact-check the way CBS does. Is that a bad thing? One simple experiment (a well-respected one) would have proven the 'memos' to be forgeries. I don't think CBS is interested in facts any more. From Walter Cronkite's horribly incorrect assessment of the Tet Offensive in 1968, it's been a long downhill spiral. Too bad there was no Internet in 1968. The Vietnamese might not be suffering under a Communist dictatorship had there had been a blogosphere.

"If it turns out that the Killian memos are indeed forgeries, the Internet will have played an invaluable role in exposing the fraud much faster than the 18 months Mr. Camacho had to twist in the wind. Free Republic, a Web bulletin board, raised early warning signals about the memos within hours of last Wednesday's "60 Minutes" broadcast., a site run by three lawyers, reposted those comments, which were amplified by Then design expert Charles Johnson, who blogs at, retyped one of the memos using Microsoft Word and showed them to be a perfect typographic match."

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