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Sunday, March 27, 2005

A Modest Proposal

The logical conclusion of the illogical Left-Nazi-Islamist Alliance: Free Saddam and jail Blair?
Those pressures explain the Attorney General's change of view. The truth is that the war was probably not legal under international law. Those who believe that is a fact of cardinal moral importance have not yet had the courage to admit the inevitable conclusion of their position. It is that there now needs to be a "coalition of the willing" to restore the legal government of Saddam Hussein to its rightful position as the sovereign authority in Iraq. Tony Blair must be arrested and tried by the ICC, and Saddam should be the primary witness against him. That is the inescapable logic of the champions of international law. It should make every-one realise how unreal is the world in which they live.

Though I agree with most of the conclusion, the author missed one critical point. In the law, fraud is a defense to almost anything. France, Russia, China, and the UN were not acting in good faith when they voted against the war. The oil-for-food program was the greatest, most successful, and most lethal fraud in world history. Saddam bought the world and almost isolated the United States. Saddam having bought three nations on the UN Security Council, I think it's only fair to say the 'judge' in 'international law' should have recused itself.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Read this or behead yourself

Victor Davis Hanson puts it together as only he can.
He concludes:
As Ye'or documents, the key to Islamist terrorism is Israel, but not in the way most people think. For the jihadist mentality, Israel must be destroyed, if not by bombs and tanks, then by piece-meal concessions and sheer demography. It make take fifty years, it may take a hundred, but like the medieval Crusader kingdoms, this manifestation of the dynamic power of Western cultural ideals cannot be allowed to survive as a constant reminder of Islamic civilization's failure. Israel's war is our war, and until we forcefully assert that linkage in our public pronouncements and more important in our actions, everything else we do just buys some time, in which the forces of appeasement and the murderous energy of the jihadists will do their work.

"We must all hang together,or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately."
-- Ben Franklin

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Mohammed's devil dog and magical cat live together in perfect harmony, in my house anyway

I've been researching Islam and animals for some comments over at Little Green Footballs. Little did I know I would discover a true odd couple living under my roof.
I've posted pics of my large black dog before. I'm not sure about the devil spots (see pic below and judge for yourself).
Muslim, Book 010, Number 3813:
Abu Zubair heard Jabir b. 'Abdullah (Allah be pleased with him) saying: Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) ordered us to kill dogs, and we carried out this order so much so that we also kill the dog coming with a woman from the desert. Then Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him) forbade their killing. He (the Holy Prophet further) said: It is your duty the jet-black (dog) having two spots (on the eyes), for it is a devil.

Sure, why not? She can be a bit ill-tempered. If I were jihading (fat chance) I'd pick another house.

BUT, I also have Mohammed's magical cat? She's a tabby with a perfect M on her forehead.
According to one legend, the "M" marking on the forehead of the Tabby Cat was created by the prophet Mohammed as he rested his hand lightly on the brow of his favorite cat, a Tabby.

What could all this mean dear reader? F#(& if I know. The devil dog and Mohammed's magical cat get along pretty well.

Legal Brain Food: UK

Mark Steyn, as usual writing a thought-provoking column.

Here is a little taste:
I happen to believe a lot of what we call "late-term abortion" is in reality early-term infanticide...
There is much more to his column, but I've already taken a stab at some of it here. I'll extend on that remark.

At a minimum, every fetus is a potential human life. Nobody becomes a human being without passing through the same phases of development. On the other hand, half of all fertilized eggs don't seat in the uterus, and many other potential humans are 'aborted' naturally.

Women are not incubators. Women should have a choice in whether or not they reproduce. But many in the pro-choice movement seems to think that choice should be extended until the day of delivery. This is particularly strange given the consequences, the killing of a viable human being already demonstrated to be capable of living outside the womb. Therefore, it is incumbent upon women to make their choice quickly. If a woman delays in seeking an abortion, she's made her choice: parenthood or adoption.

Does that seem unreasonable? If so, consider what happens if you delay exercising your rights to mere property. The legal doctrine of laches seems very relevant to me. Laches

LACHES, DOCTRINE OF - Based on the maxim that equity aids the vigilant and not those who procrastinate regarding their rights; Neglect to assert a right or claim that, together with lapse of time and other circumstances, prejudices an adverse party. Neglecting to do what should or could, have been done to assert a claim or right for an unreasonable and unjustified time causing disadvantage to another.

Another wise dissenting voice opposed to the new blasphemy law by another name

The author makes an excellent void-for-vagueness argument. The quote begins with the proposed law.
A person who uses threatening abusive or insulting words or behaviour, or displays any written material which is threatening, abusive or insulting is guilty of an offence if:

a) he intends thereby to stir up religious hatred;

b) having regard to all the circumstances the words, behaviour or material are (or is) likely to be heard or seen by any person in whom they are or it is likely to stir up religious hatred.

This is an extremely wide and imprecise definition of a crime. Baroness Cox recently asked the Government for examples of behaviour which have come to the attention of the Crown Prosecution Service over the past four years and which could have been prosecuted under the new offence. Baroness Scotland replied that individual cases had not been reviewed and it was not possible to say whether there could have been such prosecutions.
[emphasis mine]

Will the UK sacrifice freedom of expression to return to the bad old days of blasphemy laws? The definition of the 'crime' encourages individuals who want to stifle freedom of speech to be more thin-skinned. In these PC times, that's a recipe for disaster.

Notice how subsection (b) turns personal responsibility for one's actions and one's emotions on its head? It encourages the court to use creativity in punishing blasphemy. Pope Innocent III and Simon de Montfort must be very proud. Beziers (French accent marks, feh) will be burning in no time, and the dungeons will finally see some action again.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Arabs Reject Normalization With Israel

Translation: the Arabs still fantasize about nuking Israel and driving the Jews into the sea.
ALGIERS, Algeria - This week's gathering of Arab leaders won't open the doors to establishing ties with Israel because of opposition from Syria and other hard-line countries. Still, some Arab nations are moving forward with a more welcoming stance on peace.

Some had predicted the summit, which opens Tuesday, would be "historic" in dealing with rapid changes in the Middle East: huge demonstrations in Lebanon and a Syrian military pullback there, new optimism in the peace process and increasing pressure for democratic change.

In the end, it won't be so daring. Arab League leaders are largely avoiding the issues of Lebanon and democratic reform, and they rejected Jordan's proposal for a new peace strategy that would offer Israel normal relations and drop the traditional demand that it first return Arab lands. Instead, they're likely to pay lip service to Syria's concerns about U.S. pressure and consider reform of the Arab League itself.

The gathering will be attended by only 13 of the 22 leaders. The others are staying away for health reasons or because of personal disputes.

For example, Crown Prince Abdullah, Saudi Arabia's de facto ruler, is not participating — apparently because of the presence of Libya's Moammar Gadhafi, whom Saudi officials accuse of involvement in a plot to kill Abdullah.

The pan-Arab, Islamist, jihadist, martrydom-shahid, old-fashioned Bedouin honor-shame Arab culture will never permit the Arab nations to move past the 'terrible twos' in terms of international relations.

If Canada and Mexico were anything like the Arab nations we'd have unlimited parking on two giant glass parking lots. Israel shows remarkable restraint, and receives no credit in the international media.

Then again, look who wrote the article:
By SALAH NASRAWI, Associated Press Writer

Just another Zionist pawn in the Jewish-controlled press.

At least they left this reasonable offer on the table:
Instead, the summit will endorse a text reaffirming a Saudi peace initiative approved in 2002. That initiative said Arab states were prepared to establish full diplomatic relations with Israel in exchange for its full withdrawal from occupied Arab territory, the creation of a Palestinian state and settlement of the Palestinian refugee issue.

"Occupied Arab territory" includes Tel Aviv, Haifa, Nazareth, and Beersheba to most Arabs. But Salah won't tell you that.

When the Arabs stop teaching each new generation to hate Jews and to reconquer Israel, maybe I'll take an article like this seriously. Until then, Israel, keep your powder dry and your F-15's on alert.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Iran's diverse nuclear arsenal

Iran isn't trying to 'develop' nuclear weapons as the MSM usually phrases it. They have skipped all the major developmental steps by acquiring templates in the forms of tactical nukes all the way up to city-busting cruise missiles from the former Soviet republics of Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Iran has long-range cruise missiles with large capacity, thanks to Ukraine.

Friday March 18, 2005 1:31 PM


Associated Press Writer

KIEV, Ukraine (AP)- Ukrainian weapons dealers smuggled 18 nuclear-capable cruise missiles to Iran and China during former President Leonid Kuchma's administration, prosecutors said Friday. The missiles have the range to reach U.S. allies.

The Kh55 cruise missiles were smuggled out of Ukraine four years ago, the Prosecutor General's office said Friday in a statement. Prosecutors said the missiles, which have a range of 1,860 miles, were sold illegally and were not exported by Ukrainian enterprises.

The Associated Press reported exclusively on Feb. 4 that a government probe into lucrative illicit weapons sales by officials loyal to Kuchma has led to secret indictments or arrests of at least six arms dealers accused of selling nuclear-capable missiles to Iran and China.

``The proceedings against persons implicated (in the illicit sale) have been forwarded to the Kiev Court of Appeals and are being heard behind closed doors,'' Friday's statement said.

Last month, the AP reported that missiles purportedly ended up in Iran and China although export documents known as end-user certificates recorded the final recipient of some 20 Kh55 missiles as ``Russia's Defense Ministry,'' according to a letter written by a lawmaker to current President Vladimir Yushchenko.

The letter by lawmaker Hrihoriy Omelchenko did not say what happened to the other missiles. The Kh55, known in the West as the AS-15, is designed to carry a nuclear warhead with a 200-kiloton yield.

The missiles allegedly sold to Iran were unarmed. The United States and other Western nations have accused Iran of trying to develop a nuclear weapons program, an allegation Tehran denies.

Iran does not operate long-range bombers but it is believed Tehran could adapt its Soviet-built Su-24 strike aircraft to launch the missile. The missile's range would put Israel and a number of U.S. allies within reach.

This augments their tactical nuclear weapons acquired from Kazakhstan in 1992.

....In December, the Kazakh deal came to fruitition, and Iran made its first purchase of nuclear weapons. The deal included two 40-kiloton warheads for a SCUD-type surface-to-surface ballistic missile; one aerial bomb of the type carried by a MiG-27; and one 152-mm nuclear artillery shell. These weapons reached initial operational status in late January 1992 and full operational status a few months later.”[1]

With the addition of enriched uranium or plutionium Iran will have (1) nuclear artillery shells (2) medium-range nuclear SSM's (3) air-dropped nuclear bombs (4) and long-range high-throw weight nuclear cruise missiles. The nuclear artillery shell design would be particularly useful in creating nuclear weapons for terrorists.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Islam is centered on a river called denial

Life meets the Onion
"It would not be fair if it was criticized as a problem with Islam," Mr. Magid said. "You can have violence among the people of religion, but that does not mean the religion endorses that."

Just ignore the shouts of "Allahu Akbar" when they commit these acts of violence, kufr.

Wait. It gets better.

Imam Hameed Asghar of the Dar-ul Huda mosque in Springfield said Muslims around the world know "that to attack or kill or harm any peaceful person or citizen, regardless of whether they are Muslim or non-Muslim, is not permissible."
"It's absolutely wrong," Mr. Asghar said. "Why it's happening, we don't understand that at all."
It would be gut-bustingly funny if he didn't mean it. It's a clear sign of the self-deception, and actual deception, which is central to the Muslim worldview.

Thorazine, stat, IV push.

Quick, drag in all other religions.

Mr. Magid said the intra-Islamic violence is bad for all religions. "It makes people think that religion is a social problem. It's just another reason for people to believe that religion is not good for peace," he said.

Whatever, Magid. Your religion is sick and there are no signs of it getting better. I'd suggest pulling the plug.

UPDATE: Combating the Islamist Threat
Maybe we should name the enemy? The 'war on terrorism' adds nothing to the discussion. I believe it makes the enemy sound nebulous and confuses the debate with issues like civil wars or the IRA. Terrorism is but a means to an end. It's time to discuss the end: Islamic domination of the world.

The reality here is that these Islamist groups are waging a civilizational battle to transform the Middle East and do so with help from legitimate political figures and nations. One such group is the Jamaat-i-Islami, a renowned fundamentalist group with ties to terrorism that was formed through the leadership and teaching of Maulana Abul Al Maududi and is prominent in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Another group allied to the fundamentalist cause is the Muslim Brotherhood, which was formed by Hassan Al-Banna. The Brotherhood is mainly prominent in Arab countries; however, the Islamist movements frequently share ideas and use each other’s works to consolidate their ideology. The first Jihad in Afghanistan, for instance, was a major factor in the blending and co-operation of Islamist designs.

The JI and the Muslim Brotherhood have been vocal in spreading Shari’a law and in their rejection of all western ideologies and institutions. They have stated that they want to defeat western liberalism and secularization, which they see as the greatest threat to the Muslim world. But every time these groups have managed to gain power in countries like Afghanistan and Sudan, their anti-Americanism is accompanied with the abuse of human rights and the promotion of hatred and intolerance.

When looking at Islamist politics, therefore, western commentator and journalists cannot accept the model employed by European governments to steer movements like the Irish republican movement and Basque separatist movement from political violence. Negotiating with terrorist groups or labeling militants “reformers” only serves to legitimize the Islamist movement and give it a stronger political infrastructure. Instead, we must connect the Islamist movement to its proxy terrorist groups as one would Sinn Fein to the IRA or Battisuna to ETA. Islamic scholars and Middle Eastern experts have scoffed at this type of thinking as simplistic, but in this, they only protect Islamism’s ideology of hate and totalitarianism and nurture its growth.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Stupid Sgrena Communist Conspiracy Theory

If the U.S. wanted Sgrena - the terrorist-loving Italian Communist journalist - dead, why is she still alive? I don't think it takes much brain power to realize everyone in the car could be dead and there would be no Communist journalist to peddle the usual anti-American propaganda. No witnesses but U.S. troops, dead journalist, case closed. I'm certain our troops didn't run out of bullets or lack the firepower to kill a civilian woman in a normal car if that was their intent.

The Arab News, as usual, substitutes storytelling for logic.

There is, however, the more sinister explanation which is that the Americans wanted Sgrena dead. A senior correspondent for the Communist daily, Il Manifesto in Rome, the journalist has been no friend of the US invasion and occupation. US troops have killed journalists before. Two cameramen, a Ukrainian and a Spaniard, were slain in April 2003 when a US shell was fired into the Palestine Hotel, a known base of international journalists opposite the Baghdad Sheraton. Earlier an Al-Jazeera correspondent was killed when the TV station’s local office was struck by a US missile.

We can take down Saddam's regime in two weeks, overthrow the Taliban with special forces, air power, and local tribesmen, but we can't kill a middle-aged Communist journalist riding in a civilian car at a checkpoint?


Secondly, if the U.S. wanted to kill her it would be child's play to hire some Iraqis to hijack the car and kill her. Deniability, remember that word. If anyone ever tries to cook up a massive conspiracy theory, don't forget that's the first consideration of every professional conspiracy chef and spook worldwide. If the U.S. had decided to kill her, several hired Iraqi gunmen could have driven up, riddled the car with bullets and driven off after making sure she was dead. Perhaps they'd stop to rob the vehicle to make it look like an ordinary hijacking for money.

I understand anti-Americanism is reflexive, not unlike blinking when something comes at your eye, but this conspiracy theory makes less sense than alien crop circles.

A more plausible theory is that this was a hoax kidnapping designed to get money in the hands of the terrorists through ransom. We've seen Japanese Leftists attempt it, the Phillipines pay off terrorists, and Frenchmen become valuable terrorist mouthpieces and a funding source using similar strategies. Running the checkpoint just shows their commitment to a cause, blame America first.

UPDATE:The Hard Left-Islam Connection in full flower. You thought the other Arab News article was over the top?

Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Apartheid Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: now with new, improved shahids in Iraq

When Stephen Schwartz is writing about Wahhabism, he's on target. When he's guesstimating the currency Wahhabism has in the greater Muslim population he's like a cruise missile missing by a thousand miles.

Our allies in the war on terror (TM) I'm not a rocket scientist, but I predicted this phenomenon over at Straight Dope posting as "Beagle" two years ago. There are probably only a select few tens of million others who could see this coming. Too bad none of them work for the mainstream media, or are booked for an interview.
The Global Research in International Affairs Center in Israel, a highly reputable and reliable think-tank, has published a paper titled "Arab volunteers killed in Iraq: an Analysis," available at Authored by Dr. Reuven Paz, the paper analyzes the origins of 154 Arab jihadists killed in Iraq in the last six months, whose names have been posted on Islamist websites.

The sample does not account for all jihadists in Iraq, but provides a useful and eye-opening profile of them. Saudi Arabia accounted for 94 jihadists, or 61 percent of the sample, followed by Syria with 16 (10 percent), Iraq itself with only 13 (8 percent), and
Kuwait with 11 (7 percent.) The rest included small numbers from Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Algeria, Morocco (of which one was a resident in Spain), Yemen, Tunisia, the Palestinian territories (only 1), Dubai, and Sudan. The Sudanese was living in Saudi Arabia before he went to die in Iraq.

The names of most of the dead appeared on the websites after the battle of Falluja, and they were all supporters of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and al Qaeda.

Of the 94 Saudis, 61 originated in the region of Najd, known as the heartland of the Wahhabis. The total of 154 included 33 suicide terrorists, of whom 23 were Saudis (with 10 from Najd). Given that Najdis make up 43.5 percent of Saudi suicide bombers in Iraq, and 65 percent of all Saudi jihadists on the list, Paz concludes that the "Wahhabi doctrines of Najd--the heart of Wahhabism--remain highly effective."

Paz emphasizes that "the support for violent Jihad in Iraq against the Americans was encouraged by the Saudi Islamic establishment." But he also offers some interesting observations:

* "Jihadi volunteers constitute a significant portion of the Sunni insurgents," suggesting that referring to the terrorists as if they represented Sunnis in general, or were merely guerrillas opposed to a foreign invader, is inaccurate.

* "Another element to note is the relatively small number of Iraqis involved in the fighting on behalf of the Zarqawi group."

* "Particularly striking . . . is the absence of Egyptians among foreign Arab volunteers [in] Iraq, even though Egypt is the largest Arab country, with millions of sympathizers of Islamist groups." Paz notes that Egyptians were previously prominent as fighters in Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Chechnya. He ascribes the failure of Egyptians to enlist in the Iraqi jihad to a combination of the decline of Islamist influence in Egypt, effective Egyptian government action against jihadism, and orders from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt not to participate physically in the Iraqi jihad.

As I've said before, I'm not impressed when a particular Muslim believes in the goals of al Qaeda but doesn't have the stones to go on a mission. Even less impressive is the giant proviso I bolded at the end of the quote. That's an exception through which I could drive a truck full of explosives, money, and cell phones.

Yes, Michael Moore, just like our Minutemen. How could anyone so fat, ugly, and stupid be so popular and rich? Don't answer that. I think I'll go wash down some goofballs with tequila while sniffing ether.

RIP Hunter S. Thompson. You certainly didn't rest much while you were here.

Update on Mini-Me

He's eating like a lumberjack and crapping with equal gusto. He only cries when he has a reason, usually because he's hungry. There are no health issues to report. Thank you God.

I actually have a knack for parenting. I realized his little padded baby holder was bugging him (I needed to loosen it), and that he hates labels in his little baby hats. It's amazing how much infants try to communicate specific things even when less than a month old. He puts his hand over his mouth when he's full and waves his arms like an air traffic controller for full stop when he's hungry.

Don't do it, England

The law against religious hatred is – in effect – an invitation to it
By Charles Moore

England produced John Locke, in my opinion the greatest philosopher of the past 500 years. I like the works of Spinoza very much also. Thomas Jefferson's intellect was prodigious. I digress.

There isn't a single philosopher in the great Western Enlightenment tradition who would support this blasphemy law by another name.

Charles Moore cuts right to the heart of the issue with a simple question:
A more fundamental question is raised: who decides what is an authentic manifestation of a religious belief? Because white British people are so bored by these questions, most of us vaguely assume that the Muslim religion dictates that certain garments be worn. But in fact this is not so. As in most faiths, there is a dispute about what the rules are. Our "human rights" culture seems to mean that we defer to the stricter versions of the rules.

The courts and politicians of course. In one quick pen stroke, pushing feel-good legislation, England can rejoin the glory days of religious persecution, theocracy, and destruction of freedom of conscience.

I'll add this one to my ever-growing list of "things I never thought I'd see in my lifetime".

Thursday, March 03, 2005

To my beloved Muslim troll

You said the objective of the Wahhabi, Takfir, Osama branch of Islam is to remove Westerners from "Muslim lands". I've already pointed out that view is apartheid, religious cleansing, medieval, and eternally expansionist. Would Hamtramk Michigan be Muslim land? It will be if the U.S. doesn't clamp down on immigration and Saudi propaganda in every mosque.

More importantly though, don't you read?

The Search for International Terrorist Entities is the most recent place I've seen this Islamic goal published, among many others.
Today, March 2, 2005, Abu Maysara al-Iraqi, the official spokesman of al-Qaeda in Iraq(Qaedat al-jihad fi Bilad al-Rafidayn), electronically distributed a new publication titled The Highest Intuition (Thurwat al-Sanam).

The 43-page magazine, volume one in what seems to be an upcoming series, seeks to inspire active mujahideen in Iraq. Written by younger Muslims, the preface to the publication begins with a mission statement from its editorial board. “This is a loud cry,” it explains, “written by young writers to keep Allah’s words, which we share with our sword-carrying brothers, about what Allah gave us about wisdom and guidance in the Qur’an, the Sunnah, and understanding the Sahaba and their followers [so we may] pledge to people [entrance] to the Garden of Eden.”

Repeating the importance of the sword in the religion of Islam, the authors go on to state that “our call is to make the word of Allah the highest, and the Sharia will rule the East and West of the Earth, to wipe out unbelievers wherever they are and in any form.”

Other subjects in the magazine include a message written by Usama bin Laden to the mujahideen in Iraqaccepting the allegiance of Zarqawi to al-Qaeda, as originally aired by al-Jazeera on Decemeber 27, 2004, as well as a communication from Zarqawi to bin Laden, the purpose of the US-led war in Iraq, and remarks regarding the recent Iraqi elections.

UPDATE: NY Post - Religion of Peace: killing 10 million civilians mitzvah (peachy).
March 4, 2005 -- JERUSALEM
"Since the American attack in Afghanistan, al Qaeda was dismembered," said Maj. Gen. Aharon Zeevi. "Today, the organization is based on several networks around the world."

Some parts of al Qaeda are spread in small zones, of 30 to 60 miles each, along the Pakistan-Afghan border — and that's where Osama Bin Laden and his senior aides are likely hiding, he said.

But al Qaeda also exists on the Internet, where Sunni religious authorities answer doctrinal questions of aspiring terrorists and their supporters.

"For example, one of the most important questions was whether it was permissible to kill 10 million people with a nonconventional bomb if it meant that Muslims would be among them," Zeevi said. "The answer was, 'Yes, it is permitted.' "

That exchange took place in cyberspace last year, and intelligence agencies haven't pinpointed the religious authorities since then.

Of course this is just the view of a few isolated extremists who have perverted the wonderful Islamic faith. (BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah right.)
Did they really endorse killing millions?

"According to the Koran, in order to achieve the goal, a Muslim world, that would be a mitzvah, a good deed," he said.

He noted that one of the chilling discoveries found in personal effects of al Qaeda members along the Pakistan-Afghan border was a map in which the entire world is painted green — meaning Muslim.

"I suggest to all of us to regard this very seriously. The green map of the world is the target of al Qaeda," he said.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Revenge of the Muslim Jihad Death Cult

That's a headline you will never read in a major newspaper. Even when Muslims painfully and slowly behead a civilian woman while reading the Koran shouting "Allahu Akbar" you will find the mainstream media rushing to a MESA scholar spewing the usual "not Islamic" taqiyya.

I'll never defend racist lunatics, but the police DON'T KNOW WHO DID THIS YET! Nobody has been charged. It looks like a white racist probably had something to do with it. If I had to guess, I'd say it's him.

Revenge of the 'white power' death squad
By Tom Leonard in Chicago

Now imagine a similar headline when a former Black Panther shoots a cop. Just reverse the races. You can't imagine it.

Where is our CAIR? "This in no way reflects the real white man."

Let me be clear. The media double standard when it comes to group vilification is obvious to rational person. That's it. The murder was cold-blooded and brutal. Whoever did it should be punished, life without parole or death in my opinion. The racist in question probably did have something to do with it. However, the mainstream media would never consider insulting any other group of people in this slipshod and sensationalist fashion.