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Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 - Year of the Claw Hammer to the Head

I won't miss 2005. It was a year of downs and redefining absolute bottom. The brightest side of 2005 was it ending without clouds of fallout or UN world government. There's always 2006.

The mainstream media continued it's race to 0% credibility. Dan Rather and Mary Mapes still stand by that TANG story, despite the fact you never cared one way or the other. John Kerry will release his military records any day now. The New York Times has told Ambassador de Sadesky and drunk Premier Kissoff what they need to know. The Topol-M will have extra cobalt to make sure your teeth stay their whitest. "Topol-M" - "the smoker's toothpolish"

If you were hoping for moral distinctions - less than moral clarity, but an improvement - the mainstream media let you down, again. Ahmadinejad is viewed as a statesman while Bush gets the hyper-religious label. Sweden released satanic jeans to cap off a full year of lipsiticking Islam in the mainstream media and culture. Munich will bring peace to the Middle East, in our time. Mao Tse Dong, by the way, was responsible for just under 100,000,000 killed. Rummel at "powerkills" is far less important than making sure every college student has the right to lie about Communism and the Department of Homeland Security, to make a point any college graduate knows is false anyway.

The UN Oil-for-Food scandal is the largest, most important, story nobody really understands yet. 2006 should serve as another year to pretend it never happened, like 2005, but even.

Just when I was beginning to trust doctors and science, 2005 came along to remind me science gave us the Tuskeegee Experiment, Dr. Mengele, and the aforementioned atom bomb, which Germany and Japan would have dropped on us if we didn't have the smarter Jews.

Speaking of Jews, they aren't as smart as I thought. When Ahmadinejad's biggest fan - holocaust denier Mark Weber of IHR - wrote his editorial declaring the holocaust to be a myth, Weber had a basketball team of American Jews (alleged academics) backing him up.

Dear 2006,

Quit picking on those around me and just fucking try ME. I will kick your ass like every other year unless you take me out. Let's settle this motherfucker.

I digress. 2006 will be marked by increasing disconnect between the facts on the ground and the mainstream media's take on Islam. They will redouble their efforts to silence anyone who's bothered to open a Qur'an. Nobody wants to face facts when 40 years of making up facts is on the line. Marxists are about as useful as filp flops in North Dakota in the modern (read: medieval) world.

Christianity and Judaism are the only truly revolutionary philosophies, and only if you believe them while fully-clothed.

Communism didn't die, it just got fatter, and tenure. "From each according to statute, to each according to tenure." -- Karl Marx meant to say that.

The Baby Boom Generation will remain young at heart, but mostly at brain.

Meanwhile, the younger folks plan on displacing the "Greatest Generation" by reforming the Middle East. We thought Germany and Japan were tough nuts to crack. Hah!

2005 marked the expansion of the modern jihad to almost every nation on Earth. 2006 should continue this trend, along with improved efforts at denial. Saudi Arabia - our "Allies in the War on Terror" - will open their own Ivy League school or just buy Harvard outright.

Even Dick Clark is sick of ringing in these rat bastards one after the other.

Have a happy GD new year, and don't forget your iodine tablets.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

How to Regain Universal Glory through Jihadi Terrorism

Annotated from the Qur'an and hadith

Next time someone tries multicult-doubleplusgood rightthink on you, link to this column. It's funny in a deadly serious, end-of-Europe sort of way.

Monday, December 26, 2005

How many French men does it take to protect French women?

Nobody knows. They only fight for women in bars. Tomorrow, you can have her.
Why European women are turning to Islam

European men are looking for a good time, party time, with no strings attached. Maybe losing their women will cause them to regain their masculinity, but I wouldn't bet on it. This beautiful girl has obviously been passed around from one Jean-Pierre to another and is looking for stability. She'll find it, stability, more than she bargained for.

FirstPost runs with Mao-DHS lie

What does this chilling incident, reported in the US on December 17, tell us about the rampant paranoia that is gripping America under a president who has just admitted that he approved a secret order allowing electronic eavesdroppers in the DHS to monitor the conversations and emails of hundreds of his own citizens?
It also shows us how the rule of law within the US is being steadily eroded in the name of combating international terrorism, without a shred of evidence that the measures being rammed through, epitomised by the extraordinary powers of the DHS, could have avoided the 9/11 atrocity. By any constitutional measure, Bush is in breach of the Fourth Amendment, let alone the Foreign Services Surveillance Act, both of which require that the authorities secure court-authorised warrants if they wish to spy on their own people.

Only one problem, the story is an admitted fraud.

Previously debunked by the student who created the lie

This story says a great deal about what the world media is willing to believe about America and our leaders. Anyone who attended college since Vietnam knows The Communist Manifesto (you've mutated the story into Mao's Little Red Book to correct the glaring error) is required reading for any BA student.

(Z)ombie documents this over and over in Berkeley, where Mao's Little Red Book is sold everywhere (running with your new, improved version of the story). It's true all over the nation. Anyone having a passing familiarity with American academia would know most of our professors are Marxists. Open any college course catalog.

Marquette Warrior has more on this lie traveling around the world at warp speed. The truth will never catch up, so the lie worked. James Carville documented spreading the lie at Marquette Warrior.

When will the purveyors of this untruth step up to stop it from spreading? That will be never, as I said before. It fits the narrative, so facts are irrelevant.

Your constitutional law is awful as well.

The only subject not tied to polling in every story is the reputation of legacy media. Wonder why? I don't.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Blame Jimmy Carter!

Finally, someone agrees with me in print (hey, the Arab News counts).

US Support for Jihadists Against the Soviets Promoted Terrorism

Driving away from that conversation I was convinced more than ever that the various terrorist movements unleashed in this corner of the world over the last twenty years have their origins in the policies of Jimmy Carter, that most pacific of all postwar American presidents who, prodded by his National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, decided to undermine and repel the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan of Christmas Day, 1979, by any means necessary, including the funding, training and arming of militants who burned with anti-communist zealotry much as they burn against the Western or Indian “infidel” today.

But, wait. There's more! When did the Shah of Iran fall to the Mad Mullahs of Iran? That's right, also in 1979. Both types of Islamic radicalism (Sunni and Shia), and the associated jihadist terrorism, track back to the Carter Administration. Would the Qur'an still contain the philosophical material for jihad no matter what President Carter did? Certainly. Was Islamic radicalism taught? Yes, of course.

This op-ed agrees with something I've argued at Little Green Footballs and Jihad Watch, but it has limitations. We focus too much on U.S. presidents for causation. Assuming presidents do control events, which is overstated, Carter deserves much of the blame for modern jihadist terrorism.

Christmas Spirit

At church last night the pastor reminded of us how Christ Himself was a real live baby which cried and gurgled and did all the other things babies do. The Word became Flesh and salvation became attainable for each and every one of us. In sacrificing His Son--Himself really (our limited minds strain to grasp the theological mystery)--the disorder and chaos rampant in the Cosmos was rendered harmless to those of us who allow Him to softly enter our hearts.

Through the man Jesus Christ we may bridge the Infinite and know God insofar as is possible in this fallen world. To Him I give humble thanks and all my love. From Him I ask guidance that I may do His will as best I can.

By Pro-Bush Canuck

Hope springs eternal, from Miriam's comment at Iraq the Model:
Salam and Merry Christmas,

Bless the Assyrian and Chaldean christian brothers and sisters and others in Iraq during this difficult time. Christmas is a good time to remember Isa's teachings of peace, love, mercy, forgiveness. May this manifest in Iraq for all people under the Unity of Allah. ameen

Pearls of Iraq

I root for pluralism (American, I can't help it) more than "Unity," but Miriam understands the Christmas Spirit.

Iran: "dog ate our homework"

Iran Denies Getting Russia Nuke Proposal
TEHRAN, Iran - Iran denied on Sunday that it received a proposal to move its uranium enrichment facilities to Russian soil, a compromise Europe is seeking to resolve a standoff over Iran's nuclear program.

Russia had announced Saturday that it sent the formal proposal to Tehran, which has insisted it would not agree to moving enrichment abroad.

The two nations' contradictory statements may be the result of an Iranian attempt to gain time without directly rejecting a proposal from Moscow, a longtime ally.

Matthew 4:10

10: Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.

King James Bible

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, good luck with the mid-Winter doldrums, gain a submission at Festivus, but don't forget Sol Invictus never loses in nearby cosmological wrestling. No, it's not Satan worship to recognize the power of the Sun. It's astronomy.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Roman Catholic Dhimmitude

Bethlehem a 'prison' - patriarch
All the crazed Arab 'gunmen' running around with itchy RPG fingers wearing ski masks or green trucker (Hamas) caps?

No, da JOOOOOS, of course! Remember when some other Christians were, well, on the wrong side of history? Some things don't change much. Roman Catholic Patriarch, a hippie? Go figure.

Michel Sabbah, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, called for all barriers between people to be dismantled.

He was joined by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, ambassadors from several countries and thousands of Christians for Christmas Eve mass in Bethlehem.

Israel says the barrier is defensive, but Palestinians see it as a land grab.

'Bridges of peace'

The patriarch, who is the pope's representative in the Holy Land, called for the barrier to be removed and said "bridges of peace and love" should be built instead.

Please look down for "Muslim land" observations. I'm sick of beating this horse. Nothing but all of Israel, and the rest of the world, will satisfy them.

D(runk driver) - Mass(assin)

Yesterday's Boston Globe featured an op-ed by Sen. Ted Kennedy* in which he huffs and puffs about jackbooted government thugs:

Just this past week there were public reports that a college student in Massachusetts had two government agents show up at his house because he had gone to the library and asked for the official Chinese version of Mao Tse-tung's Communist Manifesto.

Boston Globe prints correction with similar fanfare? Priceless (and not gonna happen).

Try harder next time, kids. We here in the MSM will back you to the hilt.

Student admits he lied about Mao book
By AARON NICODEMUS, Standard-Times staff writer

NEW BEDFORD -- The UMass Dartmouth student who claimed to have been visited by Homeland Security agents over his request for "The Little Red Book" by Mao Zedong has admitted to making up the entire story.
The 22-year-old student tearfully admitted he made the story up to his history professor, Dr. Brian Glyn Williams, and his parents, after being confronted with the inconsistencies in his account.
Had the student stuck to his original story, it might never have been proved false.

Boston Globe and Teddy Kennedy lied! National security died!

Think of the chilling effect on free speech and academic freedom when a government agent shows up at your home -- after you request a book from the library.

Incredibly, we are now in an era where reading a controversial book may be evidence of a link to terrorists.

Something is amiss here.


Friday, December 23, 2005

Something I've been wanting to say for a long time


EXCLUSIVE: Nuclear Monitoring of Muslims Done Without Search Warrants

Cole points to a 2001 Supreme Court decision, U.S. vs. Kyllo, which looked at police use -- without a search warrant -- of thermal imaging technology to search for marijuana-growing lamps in a home. The court, in a ruling written by Justice Antonin Scalia, ruled that authorities did in fact need a warrant -- that the heat sensors violated the Fourth Amendment's clause against unreasonable search and seizure. But officials familiar with the FBI/NEST program say the radiation sensors are different and are only sampling the surrounding air. "This kind of program only detects particles in the air, it's non directional," says one knowledgeable official. "It's not a whole lot different from smelling marijuana."

Marijuana ended WWII by taking out two major cities? I must have missed that.

Who says there's no fun in Islam? Hand grenade practice at school sounds fun

Notice the color of the defendant, if you please.
Police took a woman in custody after she allegedly threatened a driver with a hand grenade during an apparent road rage incident Tuesday afternoon near Central Expressway and LBJ Freeway.

A motorist called Richardson police just before 5 p.m. to report that a driver in another car had displayed what appeared to be a grenade in a threatening manner.

"She pulls out what appears to be a hand grenade, pulls the pin and starts making threatening motions like she is going to throw it at him," said Garland police spokesman Joe Harn.

Richardson police tracked the suspect vehicle to Belt Line and Shiloh roads in Garland, where they found 41-year-old Kimberly Al Homsi coming out of the parking lot of the Brighter Horizons Academy in Garland where she had just picked up her daughter.

Rebecca Lopez reports
Officers took Al Homsi into custody at the scene, but then made a discovery that led them to request a bomb squad.

"As officers approached the car, they saw what appeared to be a couple of hand grenades inside the car," said Richardson Police Sgt. Kevin Perlich.

Harn said the bomb squad determined the devices were actual grenades, but did not contain any explosive material. However, they also found ammunition inside the vehicle.

Grenades will light up the horizon, especially willy pete.
Muslims in the area are working hard to lead an Islamic way of life within a non-Muslim society.

Sounds like you're off to a heck of a start!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Wonder why California costs so much?

One example:
Wal-Mart Workers Denied Lunch Breaks Awarded $172 Million
From Associated Press
OAKLAND, Calif. -- An Alameda County jury today awarded $172 million to thousands of employees at Wal-Mart Stores Inc. who claimed they were illegally denied lunch breaks.

The world's largest retailer was ordered to pay $57 million in general damages and $115 million in punitive damages to about 116,000 current and former California employees for violating a 2001 state law that requires employers to give 30-minute, unpaid lunch breaks to employees who work at least six hours.

The damages were originally tallied as $207 million after a court clerk misread the punitive damages as $150 million. The amount of punitive damages was later clarified.

Yes, California has so few problems they legislate lunch breaks. "We, the jury, find the defendant liable, and pass the costs on to you." Corporations are shields to personal liability under ordinary circumstances. Nobody pays but Wal-Mart's customers. Lunch breaks are the sort of thing most states leave to private contract law, excluding minors.

Another media-manufactured scandal goes *poof*

Shocka: we leave defending the nation to the president with congressional oversight.
If you like long lists of legal citation, this letter is for you.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Good dhimmi! (pat on head)

Your traditions will be assimilated and excreted, human.
Meanwhile, Carsten Juste, Jyllands-Posten’s editor, has welcomed efforts to end the cartoon controversy. Moderate Muslim groups in Denmark proposed to stop demanding apologies from JP and organise a “celebration” to show the moderate side of Islam. Juste welcomed the idea. “I consider it a chance at reconciliation,” he said. “While it’s important to protect freedom of speech, there is also a need among Danes to gain more knowledge of Islam and Mohammed.”

I don't think that means what you think it means.

Jihad is every Muslim's "obligation", says Turkish lawyer

"If non-Muslims go into Muslim lands, it is every Muslim's obligation to fight them. If you punish them for this, tomorrow, will you punish them for fasting or for praying?"

Get that? "MUSLIM LAND" Again, did you get that? "MUSLIM LAND" Once conquered or settled, it's ALWAYS MUSLIM LAND. That's a medieval concept like "Christendom" from a Turkish lawyer's perspective, not some goat-herder in the foothills. If you, infidel, set foot on MUSLIM LAND, your life is forfeit. Meanwhile, back in civilization, we pretend unrestricted Muslim immigration is just like any other group.

Islam: moving forward into the Dark Ages at light speed.

It's SHOW and tell, Saddam (by the way, horrible torture, yawn)

Saddam Says He's Been Beaten in Detention
Are the bumps on his thighs roughly the same height as tabletops? Who knows? By the way, Saddam may have done a couple little nasty things himself. The Associated Press specializes in burying the lead.
BAGHDAD, Iraq - After several hours of quietly listening to testimony, Saddam Hussein alleged in a long outburst at his trial Wednesday that he had been beaten "everywhere on my body" while in detention.

The chief prosecutor said that if American-led multinational forces were abusing the former Iraqi leader, he would be transferred into the custody of Iraqi troops.

"Yes, I have been beaten, everywhere on my body. The marks are still there," Saddam told the court. "And I'm not complaining about the Americans, because I can poke their eyes with my own hands."

Earlier, Saddam sat quietly as a witness testified that his regime killed and tortured people by administering electric shocks and ripping off their skin after pouring molten plastic on it.

Saddam is a very courageous denizen of underground bunkers and spider holes. What a nice Saddam, sitting quietly. Give him a treat.

Mexico declares war on the United States?

MEXICO CITY - The Mexican government, angered by a U.S. proposal to extend a wall along the border to keep out migrants, pledged Tuesday to block the plan and organize an international campaign against it.

Facing a growing tide of anti-immigrant*** sentiment north of the border, the government has taken out ads urging Mexican workers to denounce rights violations in the United States. It also is hiring an American public relations firm to improve its image and counter growing U.S. concerns about immigration.

Mexican President Vicente Fox denounced the U.S. measures, passed by the House of Representatives Friday, as "shameful." His foreign secretary, Luis Ernesto Derbez, echoed his complaints on Tuesday.

"Mexico is not going to bear, it is not going to permit, and it will not allow a stupid thing like this wall," Derbez said.

.....Jose Luis Soberanes, head of the government's National Human Rights Commission, suggested Mexico go further.

"I would expect more energetic reactions from our authorities," Soberanes told local media. "It's preferable to have a more demanding government, more confrontation with the United States."

***Judgmental words like "illegal" are not permitted in today's diverse global dystopia.

By all means, energetically react to, block, internationally campaign against, demand, confront, disallow, not permit, and be unwilling to bear such a stupid thing. There are millions of potential legal immigrants waiting to enter who aren't lucky enough to share a border with the United States. The Mexican government will need creativity to top this provocation.

The Mexican government should think about putting some effort into Mexico.

When War Must Be the Answer

When war is declared against you is one good answer.

.....Justice and force require one another in the actual world. Too often they are placed in opposition in a way that renders both unbalanced and ineffective. It is not a virtue to praise justice as if it need not be actually enforced or defended. The greatest crimes usually are grounded in a utopianism that is blind to living men, that does not see how to limit and control disruptive forces that continually arise in human life. Though I argue mainly about military force, the same argument includes police power. These are not substitutes for the virtue of justice, but this difficult virtue relies also on the existence and proper use of force for its existence. Contrary to much rhetoric, we do not live in a world in which diplomacy, dialogue, diversity, and law, however valuable, have replaced force. We can hopefully reach an adequate public order, but the failure to understand that law and dialogue need the presence of reasoned force ends up creating not more peace but less.....

.....When I saw the “War Is Not the Answer” sign, I said to myself, “what is the question to which war is not an answer?” Is there no question to which war is the only sensible answer? Must we be pacifists and draw no lines in the sand? Does nothing ever need defending? Can we choose not to defend what needs defending and still be honorable? If war is not the “answer,” what is? How do we rid ourselves of tyrants or protect ourselves from ideologies or fanatics who attack us with their own principles and weapons, not ours?

Peace through strength, or surrender, you make the call. It's unfortunate surrender doesn't guarantee peace, given how many alleged intellectuals would choose it.
“Am I making any difference?”

Wasting time, money, and effort always makes a difference.

Surrender to those who would kill over cartoons is like turning your unprotected face to hungry rats. They'll eat you Winston, and Julia.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Analysis: AP hates Bush, can't hide it

Analysis: Bush Drops Rosy Iraq Scenarios
What "rosy scenarios" you might ask. Ron Fournier doesn't say. This op-ed is aimed at people beyond the reach of logic or mere facts. This is meta-analysis of the latest opinion polls for people who've needed therapy since the 2000 election.
WASHINGTON - No more rosy scenarios. After watching his credibility and approval ratings crumble over the course of 2005, President Bush completed a rhetorical shift Sunday night by abandoning his everything-is-OK pitch to Americans and coming clean: He was wrong about the rationale for going to war in Iraq; he underestimated the dangers; the country has suffered "terrible loss"; and the bad news isn't over.

Even with his high-profile display of accountability — a step anxious Republican leaders had been demanding for weeks — Bush remained unyielding.

"To retreat before victory would be an act of recklessness and dishonor and I will not allow it," he said in a prime-time address, capping a series of five speeches designed to reverse a stunning political free-fall.

There is some evidence that the rhetorical shift has worked. Recent polls suggest that while a majority of Americans disapprove of Bush's performance, his job rating has increased a bit. Nearly six of every 10 Americans said the U.S. military should stay until Iraq is stabilized, which is Bush's position.

Notice the complete lack of military analysis, concern for Iraqis, or consideration of geo-politics. The entire op-ed is based on an appeal to fictional authority: opinion polls. This passes for thinking in the mainstream media. Pitiful? Certainly.

Then it gets worse, open cheerleading for those who randomly kill civilians.
Vice President Dick Cheney, the administration's chief cheerleader, went so far as to say last May that Iraqi insurgents were in the "last throes."

The happy talk didn't ring true to many Americans, who watched in horror as the U.S. death toll climbed above 2,000 and wondered why Bush refused to take time off from his summer vacation to meet with the mother of a slain soldier. Cindy Sheehan became the grim face of a budding anti-war movement.

Bush seemed out of touch, unable to grasp the concerns of people opposed to the war or even those who were starting to wonder about it.

This is the sort of editorializing which is necessary to keep the jihadis (and Democrats) in the game. Without positive news coverage when they kill children and then bomb the hospital to which the children are destined, the attacks have no tactical or strategic significance. Notice how numerology is employed: "2,000." Why is this a magic number? It must be three zeros. In any historical context this is a very low number of killed in a large military operation with a persistent foreign imperialist jihad. Most of the killed have come after Saddam Hussein was toppled.

So what have we learned from this puff piece? AP, and Ron Fournier in particular, hates Bush. Lunatic Cindy Sheehan (pals around with George Galloway and Al Sadr representatives) is a credible analyist in Ron Fournier's mind. Anyone who considers anything but the latest opinion poll when analyzing foreign policy is wasting time.

Read the whole thing for the overall "I HATE BUSH" effect.

Dr Dre and Eminem: torture?

American Idol must be a crime against humanity.

U.S. Ran Afghan Torture Prison, Group Says
"It was pitch black, no lights on in the rooms for most of the time," he was quoted as telling his lawyer. "They hung me up. I was allowed a few hours of sleep on the second day, then hung up again, this time for two days."

Mohammad went on to say that he was forced to listen to Eminem and Dr. Dre for 20 days before the music was replaced by "horrible ghost laughter and Halloween sounds."

"The CIA worked on people, including me, day and night," he was quoted as saying. "Plenty lost their minds. I could hear people knocking their heads against the walls and the doors, screaming their heads off."

Are you sure they hadn't misplaced their minds already, Mohammed?

Chapter Eighteen Al Qaeda Manual
1 . At the beginning of the trial, once more the brothers must insist on proving that torture was inflicted on them by State Security [investigators ]before the judge.

2. Complain [to the court] of mistreatment while in prison.

4. The brother has to do his best to know the names of the state security officers, who participated in his torture and mention their names to the judge.[These names may be obtained from brothers who had to deal with those officers in previous cases.]

6. During the trial, the court has to be notified of any mistreatment of the brothers inside the prison.

Four out of the first six points suggest using groups like HRW as pawns. HRW is more than willing to play along.

Real torture in real gulags?
HRW could not care less.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Please, oh please, let this experiment in democracy work

Sunni leader praises Iraq ballot

Dulaimi leads a large Sunni bloc
A top Sunni politician has praised Thursday's poll, saying his party will work for "a strong coalition that will protect the rights of Iraqis".

If Iraq can move from decades of brutal repression and meat grinders as instruments of politics to a true democracy with respect for individual rights, America will have been part of A Really Good Thing. American soldiers deserve more credit than I can possibly give them.

Like any experiment in democracy, the results are ongoing and any judgment is temporary. They've traded brutal stability for uncertain freedom. It's a good trade. Now comes forming a coalition government. If the attitude expressed by the Sunni leader is sincere, I think they have a reasonable chance of pulling it off.

The election even had a Chicago flair:
There have been complaints about the vote, which won international praise.

Some supporters of former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi have said there were irregularities, including ballots cast in the name of dead people.

Most critical of all, attraction to the ballot box instead of the car bomb seems to have reached every major segment of the Iraqi population.

Turnout was high, not only among Kurds and Shias - who have been enthusiastic supporters of the post-Saddam order - but also among Sunnis.

Assimilation is painful

Islam tests French secularism
On Friday, France is marking 100 years since the separation of Church and State. With Islam on the rise in the restive suburbs, French-style secularism is being questioned. Concluding a series on French Muslims, Henri Astier asks whether it can remain a core value of the Republic.

Remember when immigrants were supposed to conform to the primary laws and principles of their new nation instead of the other way around?

The Three D's

Da'wa, Demography, Dhimmitude

These terms should instantly resontate with importance. Da'wa is the main stratagem of Muslims in the Mecca phase. Da'wa is Islam without the many calls to violence to encourage conversion. They spring the Koran on you once you've converted and get the eye of the tiger.

Demography will create Eurabia within 20-80 years.

Dhimmitude is exemplified by the Spanish and UK governments, among many others.

Friday, December 16, 2005

*RAWK* "The American People" *RAWK*

Here's a little thought experiment for you if you watch news talk shows on TV: count the number of times the "Democratic Strategist" (reads the latest polls, regurgitates talking points faxed / e-mailed earlier in the day) uses the expression "The American people" in the first three minutes. My record is three uses in two sentences. Then I changed the channel.

The American people don't agree on anything. We're a diverse nation of people from Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR, to Jerry Falwell, the Unabomber, reclusive savants, and pointy-headed Hollywood poseurs like Tim Robbins or Barbara Streisand.

When someone tries to claim "the American people" agree on anything, what you are really hearing is "The latest polls say a slight majority or plurality thinks..." This includes your neighbor with cars on blocks, the crazy old man down the street, and the lady with fifteen cats.

Do you really want political leaders sticking their fingers in the wind for public opinion knowing the elite media primarily shapes opinion rather than delivering actual news? Shouldn't politicians use their specialized knowledge and access to information to lead the nation rather than assuming the latest comparatively small, unscientific, sampling of random Americans has precedential value?

I give up, folks. We're 'led' by idiots. They can't use the Internet to discover basic facts. Our intelligence services and media can't find stuff which is two search terms away from anyone who's computer literate. I barely qualify, yet manage to stay light years ahead of the DoD and CIA in many cases.

I realize nobody is hanging on my every word out there in virtual reality land, but I've just had it, and needed to vent somewhere.

The American people say I should take a break. I'm doing it for the American people, in the interests of the American people...


Grow some nads, "stratgists." Think a little inside the box, realizing you thinking outside the box is like me asking for a Bugatti Veyron for Christmas.

Quit telling me what I think.

Nobody would lie to, gasp, a pollster

That's not right. (Hat tip: Dhimmi Watch)
Shibley Telhami, the Anwar Sadat professor for peace and development at the University of Maryland, said Al Qaeda was not leading a movement that threatened to mobilize the vast majority of Muslims. A recent poll Mr. Telhami conducted with Zogby International of 3,900 people in six countries - Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon - found that only 6 percent sympathized with Al Qaeda's goal of seeking an Islamic state.

The notion that Al Qaeda could create a new caliphate, he said, is simply wrong. "There's no chance in the world that they'll succeed," he said. "It's a silly threat." (On the other hand, more than 30 percent in Mr. Telhami's poll said they sympathized with Al Qaeda, because the group stood up to America.)

The New York Times loves any argument based on hating America. They'll swing at that pitch even if it's three feet outside the strike zone. This is an appropriate time to revisit the Muslim concept of taqiyya, strategic deception. Who would feel safe answering the "Islamic state" question in the affirmative within, say, Jordan and Saudi Arabia?

Like many Islamic concepts taqiyya and kitman were formed within the context of the Arab-Islamic matrix of tribalism, expansionary warfare and conflict. Taqiyya has been used by Muslims since the 7th century to confuse and split 'the enemy’. A favored tactic was ‘deceptive triangulation’; to persuade the enemy that jihad was not aimed at them but at another enemy. Another tactic was to deny that there was jihad at all. The fate for such faulty assessments by the target was death.

I'm sure Muslim sympathy for al Qaeda has nothing to do with the many (many) times Osama quotes the Koran.

Osama's 1998 fatwa
The ruling to kill the Americans and their allies--civilians and military--is an individual duty for every Muslim who can do it in any country in which it is possible to do it, in order to liberate the al-Aqsa Mosque and the holy mosque from their grip, and in order for their armies to move out of all the lands of Islam, defeated and unable to threaten any Muslim. This is in accordance with the words of Almighty God, "and fight the pagans all together as they fight you all together," and "fight them until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in God."

This is in addition to the words of Almighty God "And why should ye not fight in the cause of God and of those who, being weak, are ill-treated and oppressed--women and children, whose cry is 'Our Lord, rescue us from this town, whose people are oppressors; and raise for us from thee one who will help!'"

.....Almighty God also says "O ye who believe, what is the matter with you, that when ye are asked to go forth in the cause of God, ye cling so heavily to the earth! Do ye prefer the life of this world to the hereafter? But little is the comfort of this life, as compared with the hereafter. Unless ye go forth, He will punish you with a grievous penalty, and put others in your place; but Him ye would not harm in the least. For God hath power over all things."

You may or may not have noticed American soldiers have never set foot in Mecca, much less anywhere near the 'holy' mosques. I implore anyone reading my blog, yet again, to read Sura Nine. Sura Eight (AL-ANFAL (SPOILS OF WAR, BOOTY) should be read alongside the Gospel of Warfare and Theft in the Bible.

What's that? Oh, yes, there is no such gospel in the Bible.

You may ask yourself, "What's this about 'tumult and oppression?'" Until Islam conquers the entire world, there will be "tumult and oppression." What you were thinking is a non-starter, but you're not the only one to fall for it.

The New York Times has found a very important niche, being wrong about history and dictators every, single, time.

Not-so proud moments in knob-slobbering journalism

I hear the 1936 Olympics ran smoothly. Hitler liked children and his dog Blondie. What a cute name, "Blondie".

Much is said of Hitler's dog, Blondie, who "meant a lot to him. He was immensely proud that she obeyed him." But gradually Junge recognised this was an abnormal man.

I wonder what clued her in?

On the parquet, 'Great Satan' plays for 'Axis of Evil'

Far be it from me to underestimate the importance of basketball. I love the hardwood, teamwork, defense, passing, dribbling, shooting, and dunking.

But articles like this make me want to search for articles about Hitler's Germany circa 1934. I'm sure some people liked him. That's a bit of a historical blindspot for me. I'm more familiar with Hitler taking power, what he legislated, ordered, and ultimately did to the world.

By Scott Peterson, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
Thu Dec 15, 3:00 AM ET

TEHRAN, IRAN - During a time out, the Iranian basketball team huddles on the sidelines.

Amid the rising heat and scent of hard exertion, the Iranian coach tells the squad in English that he wants 30 points in the fourth quarter.

But from within the sweating cluster an excited American voice cuts in: "Let's win!" urges Texan Andre Pitts, who would lead the team to victory with 26 points. "Let's just win!"

In the quest to build a professional basketball league and bolster Iranian hoop skills, teams in the Islamic republic are paying top dollar ($15,000 a month or more) to lure players away from Europe and America, which is still sometimes called the "Great Satan." In the past two years, the number of Americans playing on parquet floors in the "Axis of Evil" has jumped from three to at least 18 in the 16-team league.

Along the way, something else has happened. The American players have become ambassadors of sorts, for both countries.

"People are people; and basketball people in America and Iran are the same," says Mr. Pitts, who is from Seguin, Texas. In the past seven years, he's played for teams in Syria, Lebanon, and now in Iran. "They really look after us a lot. My teammates are really good to me - in two years I have never had a problem. I get invited to their homes all the time."

Pitts plays for Saba Battery, which, ironically, is the team fielded by Iran's defense ministry. The other American on the team is Garth Joseph, a dual US-Dominican Republic citizen.

Together, the pair of talented foreigners shot 43 points on Sunday, well over half of those in Saba's nationally televised 77-71 defeat of team Peykan.

"We are sportsmen, not political men, and sport is a common language between all humans in the world," says Saeed Fathi, head coach of Peykan, which was the first team to import American talent, four years ago. "It's a good language," he adds.

Since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, anti-American slogans have been a fixture of government-organized events. And Pitts's Iranian teammates say he was somewhat anxious about this when he arrived. But players of both nationalities say now that the first thing to fall away are the prejudices and misconceptions fostered by governments and the media.

"We clicked from Day One," says Pitts, who sports two diamond ear studs and headphones around his neck after a recent practice.

Living in Iran has taken some getting used to, however. Alcohol is forbidden, and there are no nightclubs. Players say that their American families worry - at least at the start - about their sons or brothers working in a country lead by a clerical regime that is vilified by Washington.

A "clerical regime...vilified by Washington"?

Why, it's like kicking Mother Teresa in the face with steel-toed boots.

But not everything is perfect in Mullah Land. Why, there's a ban on tatoos. Iran: like a nation with Conservative Christians in charge.

A ban on tattoos
While most here appreciate the American example, there are some aspects of the NBA that Iranian officials would prefer not to import.

Last month, the Iranian Basketball Federation banned its players from having tattoos, the Iranian news agency ISNA reported. "It has been noticed recently that some basketball players are copying foreign players and having themselves tattooed ... which is against the morals [of the Islamic republic] and unacceptable," the federation said. It called for players who have "committed such an act" to take rapid measures to "make them disappear so to avoid firmer measures" against them.

In dutiful compliance, during Sunday's game the Iranian Peykan center used strips of athletic tape to cover a large tattoo on his shoulder.

Of all the subjects - sharia, nuclear weapons program, stoning, flogging, executions, genocidal rhetoric, funding of terrorism, hostage takings, truck bombings, mine-sweeping children - Scott Peterson writes about basketball.

Remember Iran's children brigade sent out in front of regular troops to clear minefields during the 8-year Iran-Iraq war. The children were armed with Islamic fervor and promises of a place in paradise. Close to a million people died in that conflict.

This is the kind of adversary the United States military is likely to face in an open confrontation with Iran, if it ever comes to that. And now, with 148,000 American troops serving in Iraq, the U.S. finds itself sharing a 1,215-mile border with the Islamic Republic of Iran —a porous border across which thousands of Revolutionary Guards can easily infiltrate and instigate trouble.

This sort of 'journalism' makes me pine for the days CNN's Eason Jordan was covering up Saddam Hussein's murder plots and crimes against humanity.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


US touts successful missile-defense test
This is an annoying habit the mainstream media and wire services think is clever propaganda. If the U.S. announces something, we "tout." If Ahmadinejad (raving madman) "says" something, we don't judge.

Tout is one of many words you can find in the dictionary. The first two definitions don't come close. Makes you wonder why they break it out for the United States, only, doesn't it?

3 : to solicit, peddle, or persuade importunately
4 : to praise or publicize loudly or extravagantly

Ahmadinejad says, we tout. What media bias? This media bias.

The correct minds approach the problem...

...and come up with three phases.

The Pentagon Breaks the Islam Taboo

Not a moment too soon.

The internal document explains that Islam divides offensive jihad into a "three-phase attack strategy" for gaining control of lands for Allah. The first phase is the "Meccan," or weakened, period, whereby a small Muslim minority asserts itself through largely peaceful and political measures involving Islamic NGOs -- such as the Islamic Society of North America, which investigators say has its roots in the militant Muslim Brotherhood, and Muslim pressure groups, such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations, whose leaders are on record expressing their desire to Islamize America.

In the second "preparation" phase, a "reasonably influential" Muslim minority starts to turn more militant. The briefing uses Britain and the Netherlands as examples.

And in the final jihad period, or "Medina Stage," a large minority uses its strength of numbers and power to rise up against the majority, as Muslim youth recently demonstrated in terrorizing France, the Pentagon paper notes.

It also notes that unlike Judaism and Christianity, Islam advocates expansion by force. The final command of jihad, as revealed to Muhammad in the Quran, is to conquer the world in the name of Islam. The defense briefing adds that Islam is also unique in classifying unbelievers as "standing enemies against whom it is legitimate to wage war."

Now we're getting somewhere. It's nice to see it in military terms for OUR side.

Ahmadinejad and Ali Akbar, peas in a pod

Let's not be judgmental about this.

By ALI AKBAR DAREINI, Associated Press Writer

TEHRAN, Iran - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Wednesday the Holocaust is a "myth" that Europeans have used to create a Jewish state in the heart of the Islamic world.

"Today, they have created a myth in the name of Holocaust and consider it to be above God, religion and the prophets," Ahmadinejad told thousands of people in the southeastern city of Zahedan.

The Iranian president previously expressed doubt that the Nazi destruction of six million European Jews during World War II had occurred. But Wednesday was the first time he publicly denied the Holocaust.

Ahmadinejad provoked an international outcry in October when he called for Israel to be "wiped off the map."

Touring southeast Iran, Ahmadinejad said that if Europeans insist the Holocaust did happen, then they are responsible and should pay the price.

"If you committed this big crime, then why should the oppressed Palestinian nation pay the price?" Ahmadinejad asked rhetorically.

"This is our proposal: if you committed the crime, then give a part of your own land in Europe, the United States, Canada or Alaska to them so that the Jews can establish their country," he said, developing a theme he raised in Saudi Arabia last week.

Germany and Israel condemned the remark, with German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier calling it "shocking and unacceptable."

Wow! Don't get too upset Frank-Walter. That's almost as strong as the rhetoric you Europeans saved for Tookie's execution.

Here, try this:

"Ahmadinejad is a dangerous lunatic. He is a threat to world peace who must be stopped using force."

Actually, this is the umpteenth time Ahmadinejad has denied the Holocaust. Maybe ALI AKBAR has some sort of agenda?

Ali is the central figure at the origin of the Shia / Sunni split which occurred in the decades immediately following the death of the Prophet in 632. Sunnis regard Ali as the fourth and last of the "rightly guided caliphs" (successors to Mohammed (pbuh) as leader of the Muslims) following on from Abu Bakr 632-634, Umar 634-644 and Uthman 644-656. Shias feel that Ali should have been the first caliph and that the caliphate should pass down only to direct descendants of Mohammed (pbuh) via Ali and Fatima, They often refer to themselves as ahl al bayt or "people of the house" [of the prophet].

"Akbar" means "greater" or "greatest."

NOTE: "Islamic world" is not in quotes. That's ALI AKBAR's opinion. There is a Dar al Harb and a Dar al Islam, according to ALI AKBAR. Forget centuries of enlightenment. We're back to the future for some old-fashioned religious warfare, Templar Style.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

More Da Vinci Guessing / Hey, don't ask me. What would I know?

2006 Brings Many 'Da Vinci'-Esque Books
Saving for later use. Nothing to see here.
By HILLEL ITALIE, AP National Writer
Tue Dec 13, 3:05 PM ET

NEW YORK - In the early months of 2006, expect a few novels with some very familiar story lines.

"Labyrinth," by Kate Mosse, features a rival sect to the Catholic church and a search for the Holy Grail. In "The Templar Legacy," a thriller by Steve Berry, a former government agent attempts to unravel a mystery about an order of knights whose power rivaled the Pope's. Matilde Asensi's "The Last Cato" features the head of the Vatican's secret archive and his efforts to solve a murder with clues dating back to biblical times.

"It's hard not to have `The Da Vinci Code' on our minds, as it has become the cultural phenomenon of our time," says Rene Alegria, publisher of Rayo, a Hispanic imprint of HarperCollins that is releasing the English translation of "The Last Cato."

Nearly three years after it was first published, "The Da Vinci Code" has more than 25 million copies in print worldwide, inspired dozens of parodies and critiques and increased interest in religious thrillers, art history, Gnostic texts and speculations about the life of Jesus.

With "The Da Vinci Code" movie, starring Tom Hanks as symbologist Robert Langdon, due out in the spring or early summer, publishers and booksellers expect yet another surge for the Dan Brown novel and for books like it.

"This is the hottest trend out there," says Barnes & Noble fiction buyer Sessalee Hensley. "I think a large part of the `Da Vinci Code' audience will go for these new books."

Publishers are counting on big sales. Steve Berry, whose Web site includes a blurb from Brown ("writes with the self-assured style of a veteran") is getting a 200,000 print run for his new book. "Labyrinth," already a best seller in Europe, will get a first printing of 100,000. "The Last Cato," a huge success when published in Spain, will also have a 100,000 printing.

Alegria and other publishers acknowledge that "The Da Vinci Code" has had an impact on the marketplace, but insist that their books hold up on their own.

Javier Sierra's "Secret Supper," coming out from Atria with a first printing of 350,000, "combines mystery, intrigue and death in a riveting thriller that reveals the unknown secrets behind Leonardo da Vinci's `The Last Supper,'" according to a statement on Sierra's Web site.

Still, we are told, "You have never read a book like this before."

"While the best-selling novel `The Da Vinci Code' describes in only three pages the mysteries of 'The Last Supper,' Sierra's book will give you an inside picture of one of the greatest geniuses of all times."

Dutton Books is releasing "The Last Templar," written by Raymond Khoury and centering on a theft during a "Treasures of the Vatican" exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, with one stolen piece dating back to the Crusades. Dutton, a division of Penguin Group USA, is giving the book a "substantial first printing," according to senior editor Mitch Hoffman.

Hoffman says he has received more proposals invoking "The Da Vinci Code" — averaging at least one a week — than the total number of books he releases in a given year. But "The Last Templar" stood out. He needed just a weekend to finish the novel, and, with a subtle wink, convinced his colleagues that the book was worth publishing.

"I didn't have to mention `The Da Vinci Code,'" he says. "I just said that `we want people to know that if what they're looking for is a big, very fun, very smart thriller with these great historical/religious elements ...'"

Rene Alegria of Rayo notes that "The Last Cato" and other upcoming releases may capitalize on "The Da Vinci Code" but were actually conceived earlier. Dutton's Mitch Hoffman agrees that thrillers about art and secret codes were around well before Brown's book and says "The Da Vinci Code" has not invented a new kind of book, but defined a new market.

"It's like legal thrillers after John Grisham and Scott Turow," he says. "There were always books with lawyers running around before it solidified into a category, when all manners of books were called `legal thrillers.' I do feel we may be seeing a similar thing in the wake of `The Da Vinci Code.'"

But Mark Tavani, an editor at Ballantine Books, which will publish Steve Berry's novel, thinks the genre will soon peak. He believes that booksellers will eventually become more selective and that comparing something to "The Da Vinci Code" won't be enough.

"Only the ones that are great will continue to sell," he says. "But people will still be interested in fact-filled fiction. I think people want to learn things from their fiction books and will continue to look for that. So the next big thing in fiction will again be fact based, but different from `The Da Vinci Code.'"

On the Net:

If you can stand some of the idiosyncratic and bizarre meanderings (Tarot cards, poetry, lipsticking Islam, etc.), read Margaret Starbird. Some of what she's written is close. Holy Blood, Holy Grail is useful, but the central French characters are fakers. The Knights Templar angles are all fascinating, but nobody really knows what they believed. Thanks Philip the Fair and your bought-and-paid-for Pope!

Another approach is reading the Torah and very beginning of the Gospel of Matthew with your modern / ancient history glasses on. "Holy Spirit" Batman!

"In no other subject is the danger of erring so great, or the progress so difficult, or the fruit of a careful study so appreciable". - St. Augustine (via New Advent)

St. Augustine was an optimist. - Me.

Vatican Central Politburo For Comedy Presents

Vatican Official: Torture Is Unacceptable
VATICAN CITY - Pope Benedict XVI's top official for justice issues said Tuesday that torture was unacceptable for extracting information that might thwart a terrorist attack.

In analyzing what caused terrorism, the pope said in the Vatican's annual review of world conflicts that "consideration should be given not only to its political and social causes, but also to its deeper cultural, religious and ideological motivations."

Benedict also issued a warning about fundamentalism.

"Religious fanaticism, today often labeled fundamentalism, can inspire and encourage terrorist thinking and activity," he said.

After centuries of doing it for no good reason? Nobody expects the terrorist Inquisition? Hey, what are these two huge rocks for anyway?

C'mon, you guys (and you are all guys), my sides are splitting.

Really? You think dozens of Koranic commands to "strike terror into the hearts of the unbelievers" could lead to, gasp, terrorism? Say it ain't so, Po.

Europeans Outraged at Schwarzenegger

Maybe the death penalty is a good thing after all?

I had my doubts until the Europeans became outraged. European outrage is a almost a sure sign something is being done right. European outrage over the Holocaust? No. European outrage over the UN Oil-for-Food scandal? No. European outrage over Islamic barbarism? Never. That would be racist, though Islam is not a race but a belief system. Belgian, white, female suicide bomber? What? La-la-la-la....
At the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI's top official for justice matters denounced the death penalty for going against redemption and human dignity.

Unless it's a snuff beheading video. Then we need to understand the root causes of the alienation of the ethnic youths... blah... blah... blah...

Oh, and keep it in your pants, Padre. Boys aren't toys.

Monday, December 12, 2005

The Associated Press is the enemy

Poll: Most Iraqis Oppose Troops' Presence
Think about that for a moment. Based on AP's 'journalism' over the last two years, wouldn't you have assumed a clear majority of Iraqis opposed our presence in Iraq, enough to take up arms even?

As it turns out, most of what AP publishes is anti-American, agenda-driven guano. The headline is the worst possible spin to put on the poll results (assuming the poll is valid anyway). Once again, buried in the article:

In other poll findings:

_Two-thirds express confidence in the Iraqi army and in police.

_Half now say the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq was wrong, up from 39 percent in February 2004.

_More than six in 10 say they feel safe in their neighborhoods, up from 40 percent in June 2004.

_Six in 10 say local security is good, up from half in February 2004.

AP: falsifying, propaganda-driven, anti-American, scumbag, lying liars, and the lies they tell.

Amazing how they can turn on a dime and spin only half the Iraqis thinking occupation is a bad thing, after two years. Bush has been tying draw down to the Iraqi security forces for a long time. This poll suggests Bush could beat Howard Dean's "timetable" if Howie's not still claiming we have no chance of winning in Iraq. It's hard to keep track of Howard Dean without knowing which poll he read last.

American Jewish 'scholars' used to justify another holocaust, and more AP propaganda for Iran

Iranian 'President' Ahmadinejad has come out in favor of the obliteration of Israel in recent weeks. His 'moderate' (check the mainstream media) opponent in the last election (Ayatollah Rafsanjani) said in December, 2001 Iran should build nuclear weapons to destroy Israel. Now Ahmadinejad refuses any international effort to monitor their nuclear program. You add it up, and 2 + 2 does equal 4.

Mark Weber, of the notorious Institute for Historical Review (Holocaust denial in a scholarly-sounding title), today in the Teheran times, uses several American Jewish scholars to attack Holocaust rememberance. The Tehran Times (hat tip: Jihad Watch), like all media in Iran, is a propaganda arm of the Guardian Council of Jew-hating Shia 'clerics' (military leaders and politicians by another name) and 'lawyers' (sharia law only, of course).

The article is attributed here.

Paula E. Hyman, a professor of modern Jewish history at Yale Uni­versity, has accurately observed: “With regard to Israel, the Holocaust may be used to forestall political criticism and suppress debate; it reinforces the sense of Jews as an eternally beleaguered people who can rely for their defense only upon themselves. The invocation of the suffering endured by the Jews under the Nazis often takes the place of rational argument, and is expected to convince doubters of the legitimacy of current Israeli government policy.”

Paula, as you watch the Europeans trade with Iran, Europeans showing no interest in pushing the Iranians diplomatically, the State Department (Mark Steyn, "But seriously folks, this clown is dangerous") issue bland 'condemnations' of Ahmadinejad's statements, and the Associated Press covering up (Iran Offers U.S. Share in Nuclear Plants, By NASSER KARIMI, Associated Press Writer)** all the evidence*** Iran is moving towards nuclear weapons, would you perhaps like to rethink your position?

** "The United States also has ratcheted up pressure against Iran, accusing it of pursuing a nuclear weapons program and supporting anti-Israeli militants. Iran says its nuclear program is designed only to generate electricity."

No, Iran has accused itself of pursuing a nuclear weapons program. Saying the "United States" accuses Iran is a propaganda ploy designed to link the lack of massive stockpiles of WMD's in Iraq to the clear evidence Iran is building nuclear weapons. Not least of which is the ongoing Shahab long-range missile program developing with Russian and North Korean technology. One doesn't waste the enormous effort and expense to launch conventional warheads on three-stage, long-range ICBM's.

*** Recently discovered nuclear blueprints, Iranian space program, refusal of monitoring even under very favorable terms, multiple public statements, and Ahmadinejad's genocidal rhetoric in recent weeks.

Only the latter gets the briefest mention in the AP article, buried in the body of the story:
"The Iranian offer comes at a time when Iran is facing a barrage of criticism over President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's recent remarks, first that Israel should be wiped off the map and later that the Jewish state should be moved to Europe."

Poor Iran, facing a "barrage of criticism." NASSER KARIMI seems a bit upset by our concerns over genocide.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Charles Moore (Telegraph UK) has guts

But, Archbishop, this is the bleak mid-winter for many Christians

Several invisible, but very real, taboos are broken in this op-ed. Moore actually mentions the Koran. Muslim laws against blasphemy are discussed. Persecution of Christians is no longer ignored. Hopefully this is a new, surprising trend.
The other problem Dr Williams raised, however, is as real as real could be. There is no declaredly Muslim state which offers full civil rights to Christians. In Saudi Arabia, it is an offence to hold a Christian service in public. In Iran, the new president has said, "I want to stop Christianity in this country", and in the past month, a Protestant pastor has been murdered there because he himself converted from Islam and was converting others (all five schools of Islamic law agree that the penalty for conversion - "apostasy" - is death).

It's nice to see a major newspaper doing its job.

Ahmadinejad is going to pull a Hitler -- Spengler

The mainstream media and politicians will keep lipsticking this pig until he has nuclear weapons and attacks Israel. Just like Hitler, there's little deception in him when it comes to his plans.
Iran's strength in weakness

All you cringing dhimmis out there hoping this will all blow over should read this as well.
Sir John Keegan is wrong: radical Islam could win

More appeasement, censorship of legitimate criticism, unrestricted immigration, and pretending the Saudis aren't at the center of the problem could well do us in.
Keegan dwells on a strained analogy of tactics and ignores a fundamental difference in objectives. No traditional society destroyed for the pleasure of destruction; at least none of which we have had reports. The Islamic conquerors of the past raided for identifiable goals. They wished to rule new territories and bring new peoples under their sway. Whether greed or missionary zeal drove them on, let historians argue. The West ultimately drove back these incursions and broke the back of Islamic power.

Al-Qaeda wants no territory, no conversions, no loot, no slaves. It wishes to destroy the West and happily will sacrifice millions of Muslim lives in order to do so. Indeed, the mass sacrifice of Muslim lives may lie at the heart of its battle plan. It has more in common with the Dostoyevsky of The Possessed or the Wagner of Die Goetterdaemmerung than with the Muslim conquerors of the Middle Ages.

Evil for its own sake becomes imaginable only when the Christian civilization of the West abandons Christianity and stares into the abyss of its own destruction. Before Dostoyevsky, Ibsen, and Wagner presented the relevant profiles, Western literature had the matter in its pure form, in the character of Mephisto in Goethe's Faust. "I am a part of that part which in the beginning was everything," he tells Faust. "A part of darkness that gave birth to light; the proud light, that now contests Mother Night's old rank and space." Al-Qaeda is the darkness that covets the position of light and wishes only to destroy. "I am the spirit that always negates," Mephisto offers, "and rightly so, because everything that comes to be is worthy of its own destruction." Unlike the Western adherents of Nietzsche, who cried, "God is dead, and everything is permitted!", the Islamist radicals have invented a God who permits everything.

Exactly. It's pure evil in a world of excuses and multicultural pap.

UN: You can have any views but your own

George Orwell, we hardly knew ye. The ummah is still seeking blood for the Danish cartoons. The UN's High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour steps up to the plate with this Orwellian masterpiece.
I find alarming any behaviors that disregard the beliefs of others.

Any, got it, any behaviors? Don't leave your home, ever.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Global warming islands of Vanuatu: God to the rescue?

The global warming poster islands of Vanuatu which I blogged a couple days ago may be getting some unwanted help from above (or below).
Mount Manaro, on the island of Ambae, reportedly began spewing out ash and steam on 27 November and is said to be continually shaking.

There are fears that if Manaro did erupt it may also unleash a mud stream from a lake inside its crater.

Vanuatu - a chain of 83 islands - lies just over 2,000km north east of Sydney.

A huge ash blanket from a major eruption might raise the altitude of the islands. Huge volcanic eruptions, though hell on human populations nearby, fine volcanic dust creating a sort of concrete in human lungs, have a long history of lowering global temperatures. The best example is the eruption of Mt. Tambora which I blogged months ago. Mt. Tambora, the largest eruption in modern human history, caused "The Year Without a Summer" and the "Year of Famine" in Europe, but it was much cooler for quite a while. Though large volcanic eruptions spew huge volumes of CO2 into the atmosphere, far beyond what man can accomplish, the ash cloud often leads to global cooling.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Canadian slippery slope in action: from registration to gun ban in six years

From registration to gun ban in six years. (Eugene Volokh)

Ronald Reagan was right, as usual.

The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'

The trumpets blared: "Kofi is in the Clear!"

Time for the MSM to switch to something more subdued for this story. It was obvious, Kojo being part of Cotecna. How little coverage can a critical story get? We're about to find out. The silence you are about to hear rivals Walter Duranty's cover up of Stalin's atrocities (for which he won a Pulitzer Prize, which the NYT won't return).

Documents Show Peril Annan Faced in U.N. Oil-for-Food Scandal
The documents show a clear difference of opinion on Annan's testimony within the Oil-for-Food Inquiry Committee. Chairman Paul Volcker overruled the investigator who actually interviewed Annan. That investigator, Robert Parton, then resigned in protest.

The documents include a transcript of a March 8 meeting between Volcker and other members of his team at which time they discussed Annan's role in the Oil-for-Food scandal and how truthful Annan had been in his interviews with investigators.

According to the papers, asked if Annan lied, Volcker said: "Well, my general feeling about the report is that if you accuse him of lying, he is gone and I don't know if we have the evidence to make that accusation. But we have a lot of unexplained business. The facts will speak for themselves, but we can't conclude he lied. But other people may conclude that."

Parton saw the situation differently.

"You start adding up a collection of individual points — maybe no one of them is sufficient alone but when you add them together I don't believe him on our standard of proof."

In the documents, Volcker asked Parton what the standard of proof is for the investigation, to which Parton replied: "More likely than not."

Volcker argued that is not a standard to which the committee agreed. "I am not prepared to hang Kofi Annan on that," he said. Volcker then ruled that there was not "reasonably sufficient evidence" to conclude that Annan lied.

In his testimony behind closed doors to the House panel, Parton said "reasonably sufficient evidence" is not a legally-accepted term because it is too subjective, and that Volcker's committee had previously agreed to judge each individual on the commonly used "more likely than not" standard of proof.

Legal scholars who spoke to FOX News backed Parton's claim that "reasonably sufficient evidence" is not a legal standard. Parton is now prevented from talking publicly because Volcker and the United Nations obtained a seven-year injunction against him.

But when it was time to conclude, Volcker (hand-picked by Kofi Annan) covered for Kofi. The world wants this sordid story of global corruption to fade quietly away. It doesn't fit the hate-America-first narrative. The largest scandal in geo-political history, covered less than Nick and Jessica's breakup.

The Iraq War, the positions of the major players at the UN, why the U.S. didn't find large stockpiles of WMD's in Iraq, Saddam's strategy for rebuilding his WMD programs with no international pressure whatsoever, all flow through this story.

It's time for someone to dig into Paul Volcker's financial portfolio and friends in high places. It's obvious there is a conflict of interest in play.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Inevitable blowback from "religion of peace" lies

More Converts to Terrorism
Why wouldn't seemingly ordinary people convert to Islam and kill people? The mainstream media has done a wonderful job making it seem like a reasonable, attractive option.

Fjordman has a must-read piece on the terrorist enablers at the UN. They've sided with seething Muslims who've put contracts out on cartoonists and editors over the right to freedom of expression. The UN isn't merely ineffective, it's evil as well.

More 'good' news on the RoP front:

England is madder than the hatter. Western Union and the Metropolitan Police sponsoring Islamofascist rallies? When the suicide bomb belt absolutely, positively, needs to get there overnight (with a police escort)?

Even more 'good' news, this time from Afghanistan:

Diana West

The Bush Administration seems to have fallen for the RoP lie in Afghanistan. This is what happens when MAINSTREAM Islamic law is allowed to proliferate.

Now they want to put him to death -- Ali Mohaqeq Nasab, the Afghan editor already sentenced to two years hard labor for "blasphemy" against Islam. Now, Afghan prosecutors want to put him to death.

Why? The Muslim editor of "Women's Rights" magazine published articles in post-Taliban Afghanistan that criticized aspects of Islamic law, including the penalties of stoning for adultery, amputation for theft and death for leaving Islam.
"Sometimes the whole religion and the rules of the religion were attacked," explained Muhammad Aref Rahmani, who sits on Afghanistan's council of Islamic scholars.

Attacked? "For instance," Mr. Rahmani told the Chicago Tribune, "he says one woman should be equal to one man, as a witness in a case, which is completely against our religion."

Tell me again why we allow pious Muslims to immigrate to the United States? Really, I'd like to hear ONE good argument. A pious Muslim cannot take any serious oath of office in the United States. The U.S. Constitution must come second to sharia (medieval) law.

December 7th, 2005

Roosevelt knew how to keep it short, and to the point.
Yesterday, December 7, 1941 - a date which will live in infamy - the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.

The United States was at peace with that nation and, at the solicitation of Japan, was still in conversation with its Government and its Emperor looking toward the maintenance of peace in the Pacific. Indeed, one hour after Japanese air squadrons had commenced bombing in Oahu, the Japanese Ambassador to the United States and his colleague delivered to the Secretary of State a formal reply to a recent American message. While this reply stated that it seemed useless to continue the existing diplomatic negotiations, it contained no threat or hint of war or armed attack.

It will be recorded that the distance of Hawaii from Japan makes it obvious that the attack was deliberately planned many days or even weeks ago. During the intervening time the Japanese Government has deliberately sought to deceive the United States by false statements and expressions of hope for continued peace.

The attack yesterday on the Hawaiian Islands has caused severe damage to American naval and military forces. Very many American lives have been lost. In addition American ships have been reported torpedoed on the high seas between San Francisco and Honolulu.

Yesterday the Japanese Government also launched an attack against Malaya. Last night Japanese forces attacked Hong Kong. Last night Japanese forces attacked Guam. Last night Japanese forces attacked the Philippine Islands. Last night the Japanese attacked Wake Island. This morning the Japanese attacked Midway Island.

Japan has, therefore, undertaken a surprise offensive extending throughout the Pacific area. The facts of yesterday speak for themselves. The people of the United States have already formed their opinions and well understand the implications to the very life and safety of our nation.

As Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy, I have directed that all measures be taken for our defense.

Always will we remember the character of the onslaught against us. No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory.

I believe I interpret the will of the Congress and of the people when I assert that we will not only defend ourselves to the uttermost but will make very certain that this form of treachery shall never endanger us again.

Hostilities exist. There is no blinking at the fact that our people, our territory and our interests are in grave danger.

With confidence in our armed forces - with the unbounded determination of our people - we will gain the inevitable triumph - so help us God.

I ask that the Congress declare that since the unprovoked and dastardly attack by Japan on Sunday, December seventh, a state of war has existed between the United States and the Japanese Empire."

FDR's lucky the ACLU didn't sue him for that. The U.S. was nowhere near "at peace with that nation (Japan)" but we'll forgive him rhetorical flourishes.

Nah. FDR lied, people died!

Iraqis too terrified to try Saddam?

In the United States it is not be unheard of to bind and gag the defendant to make him sit in his trial. Such a technique is only to be used as a last resort for particularly disruptive defendants, as Saddam has already demonstrated time and again. It appears to me the Iraqis think Saddam might come back to power and start putting them in the meat grinders again.

Saddam refusing to attend trial

It shouldn't be up to Saddam. If gagging him and planting him in court isn't an option, he should be kept in his cell with a closed circuit feed of the proceedings, with a phone line so he can speak to his attorneys. This solution is preferable in some ways to gagging the defendant. But the defendant could later claim he didn't watch his own trial and therefore couldn't participate in his defense.

Negotiations were under way on how the trial can proceed, with the defence team holding talks with the chief judge.

Under Iraqi law the trial can continue without the defendant present in the courtroom.

Arrangements may be made for the former president to watch the trial on a closed circuit TV link, with the right to intervene at certain points, possibly via a microphone, BBC foreign editor John Simpson says.

This should have been arranged the moment he refused to appear. Negotiations with his defense attorneys are not proper on this issue.

Decades of repression create psychological problems in the population as a whole. The lead judge is a Kurd. He probably had a family member killed in the Anfal genocide. If his family was one of the few which didn't lose a member, or many members, almost everyone he knows did. He needs to control the proceedings and Saddam. Saddam no longer has power over life and death on a whim. The chief judge needs to make this clear to the Iraqi people.

I can imagine one of Saddam's attorneys (Ramsey Clark) suggesting all of Iraq should be recused from this case because Saddam's brutality was so widespread.

UPDATE: Trial Resumes
BAGHDAD, Iraq - The trial of Saddam Hussein resumed Wednesday after a lengthy delay but without the former president, who had declared the day before that he would not take part in an "unjust" court.

Makes we wish he waited a few seconds before surrendering.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The End Is Nigh! Global Warming Destroying World!

Pacific islanders move to escape global warming Sounds terrible, doesn't it? These islands sit about one inch above sea level.
MONTREAL (Reuters) - Rising seas have forced 100 people on a Pacific island to move to higher ground in what may be the first example of a village formally displaced because of modern global warming, a U.N. report said on Monday.

With coconut palms on the coast already standing in water, inhabitants in the Lateu settlement on Tegua island in Vanuatu started dismantling their wooden homes in August and moved about 600 yards (meters) inland.

"They could no longer live on the coast," Taito Nakalevu, a climate change expert at the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme, told Reuters during a 189-nation conference in Montreal on ways to fight climate change.

.....The U.N. Environment Programme (UNEP) said in a statement that the Lateu settlement "has become one of, if not the first, to be formally moved out of harm's way as a result of climate change."

After the last ice age, sea levels rose dramatically, and quickly. Entire human settlements and coastal civilizations were covered in water.

Now we're fretting over some coconut palms with soaking root systems. Which, I concede, does not bode well for the coconut palms. Sandbags may become necessary before too long.

Compare that to the flooding over what are now the Bosporous Straits into the Black Sea. That's serious global warming causing massive displacement of population. Would anyone prefer the last ice age back?

Global Warming? Blame Arthur Herzog!

You never heard about the threat of global warming until Arthur Herzog published the sci-fi novel Heat in 1977. Just so you know what you're dealing with, he also wrote Orca and The Swarm, so look out for vengeful killer whales and massive, vengeful swarms of killer bees.

Inspired by Mark Steyn's excellent takedown of the enviro-fundies in the Telegraph.
Had America and Australia ratified Kyoto, and had the Europeans complied with it instead of just pretending to, by 2050 the treaty would have reduced global warming by 0.07C - a figure that would be statistically undectectable within annual climate variation. In return for this meaningless gesture, American GDP in 2010 would be lower by $97 billion to $397 billion - and those are the US Energy Information Administration's somewhat optimistic models.

I've mentioned before the environmentalists' ceaseless fretting for the prospect of every species but their own. By the end of this century, the demographically doomed French, Italians and Spaniards will be so shrivelled in number they may have too few environmentalists to man their local Greenpeace office. Is that part of the plan? To create a habitable environment with no humans left to inhabit it? If so, destroying the global economy for 0.07C is a swell idea.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

What would we do without experts?

Former 9/11 Commissioners: U.S. at Risk
WASHINGTON - The U.S. is at great risk for more terrorist attacks because Congress and the White House have failed to enact several strong security measures, members of the former Sept. 11 commission said Sunday.

"It's not a priority for the government right now," said the former chairman, Thomas Kean, ahead of the group's release of a report Monday assessing how well its recommendations have been followed.

"More than four years after 9/11 ... people are not paying attention," the former Republican governor of New Jersey said. "God help us if we have another attack."

Added Lee Hamilton, the former Democratic vice chairman of the commission: "We believe that another attack will occur. It's not a question of if. We are not as well-prepared as we should be."

The five Republicans and five Democrats on the commission, whose recommendations are now promoted through a privately funded group known as the 9/11 Public Discourse Project, conclude that the government deserves "more Fs than As" in responding to their 41 suggested changes.

Since the commission's final report in July 2004, the government has enacted the centerpiece proposal to create a national intelligence director. But the government has stalled on other ideas, including improving communication among emergency responders and shifting federal terrorism-fighting money so it goes to states based on risk level.....

But WHY are we at risk? That might require some analysis or reasoning. I think it's a global Islamic jihad, but I'm not bound by the strictures of political correctness. Obsessing over emergency response seems a bit like worrying about the deck chairs on the Titanic after it hit the iceberg.

The first paragraph makes terrorism out to be a force of nature. We just sit here and wait for it to strike, stocking up on canned food, bottled water, and candles. Never in the course of human history have so many, tasked with so much, come up with so little. That is one of the worst uses of "because" I've ever seen. ex// Bob hit the light pole because his seat belt wasn't on.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Don't tread on my right to kill others! Laws should fairly apply to everyone else!

Democratic Underground has, yet another, Looney Tunes (turn up the sound) moment.

Torches? What's up doc?
It's unclear exactly how The People turning against the current administration are expected to manifest their will in a country where most of the safeguards against repression have been significantly weakened. I suppose the idea is that we'll all grab banners and torches and take tothe streets, roaring our defiance in an exciting demonstration worthy of Spielberg's best crowd shots. The problem of course, is that for this kind of civil disobedience to be truly widespread and effective, we need legal tools like habeas corpus and the Posse Comitatus (checked on the status of those lately?) to ensure that the leaders of such movements don't suddenly vanish into enemy combatant limbo and perhaps turn up later in a photograph as a motionless body at the feet of a grinning young man in a military uniform who's giving the camera a thumbs up. Goodbye Spielberg. Hello Costa Gavras.

Of course, by definition, "civil" disobedience can't be "effective" in any meaningful, constitutional way. But suddenly, out of nowhere, come the Latin terms when someone tries to stop them.

Before you people go all Che / French arsonists on the United States, check out the 22nd Amendment, or the rest of the U.S. Constitution for that matter. There is a scheduled ELECTION where registered voters will change the Chief Executive. 2008: learn it, know it, live it.

Talk about some off-the-wall projection:
It will take no drastic alteration in the American psyche to accept the imprisonment and mistreatment of other Americans by our government.

That's what the Left proves over and over again in modern history. If you want to drive away any hope of moderate support in the forseeable future, then by all means go to the streets with torches. Felony murder doctrine: learn it, know it, but don't live it (arson).
To counter the common law style interpretations of what does and does not merge with murder (and thus what does not and does qualify for felony murder), many jurisdictions in the United States explicitly list what offenses qualify. The American Law Institute's Model Penal Code lists robbery, rape or forcible deviant sexual intercourse, arson, burglary, kidnapping, and felonious escape. Federal law specifies additional crimes, including terrorism and carjacking.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Sorry, Hal, people can't handle the truth

I hope I had nothing to do with the decision to drop Hal Lindsey from TBN by placing him on the left margin of my blog a few days ago under "end-of-world news."

Ordinarily, I don't like end times preaching. It's been going on for 2,000 years and I like the Earth's chances of going another 2,000. I think some preachers encourage irrational behavior in their flocks, to their benefit.

So why make an exception for Hal? He's done his homework. If you click the link to his website you'll note it's really a news site for the most part. Hal has obviously read the Koran and studied Islamic theology. He pulls no punches when it comes to reporting the facts on Islam. And for that, he must be punished.

Worrying about offending Muslims pretty much proves what the critics say, doesn't it?
TBN admits concern about offending Muslims
Network revises statement on pre-emption of Hal Lindsey show

Networks don't panic when Jews or Catholics are criticized. FDR was right when he said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." Cowardly dhimmis, willing to appease Muslims, silencing legitimate criticism, are signing the death warrants of their children and their children's children, but they may make it another few dozen years or so. TBN's delusional thinking is best summed up in this quote from the article:
"TBN is a worldwide ministry; we have an entire channel that airs 24 hours a day, seven days a week in Arabic," he said. "We are trying to reach the Islamic world and open a dialogue with them regarding Christ and Christianity."

Casoria explained, "We do not feel that the best witness of Christ is to bash them but rather to show them the nature of Christ – the way Christ said to present himself – and that is through love, understanding and the presentation of the gospel to them."

That's nice. Do you have plans to shelter any converts from the Muslim penalty for renouncing Islam, which is death in all cases? TBN needs to provide a former Muslim protection program or they are doing nothing but encouraging Muslims towards a violent death.

More evidence TBN has no idea what they are dealing with.
Casoria said he believes the extremists are not Muslims at all but have "hijacked the religion."

Hal, having done his homework, is right on the money.
"That's where we violently disagree," Lindsey said. "Islam is not a peaceful religion; although there may be moderate Muslims, it's because they have not become followers of the Quran."

If Hal is wrong, how can we explain the first female suicide bomber from Belgium? All she did was study Islam.
Bomber more 'Muslim than Muslim'

If Islam is so peaceful, why do the most devout Muslims commit acts of violence? Why do so many Islamic clerics "misunderstand" it? If someone simply reads Sura Nine in the Koran, which abrogates earlier more peaceful suras, the answer is quite clear.

UPDATE: from Lindsey's website,

"There are a lot of very brilliant people who believe that the nation-state is fast becoming a relic of the past,"
Bill Clinton, New York Times, November 25, 1997

So right, and yet so wrong. The nation-state is looking pretty good compared to a corrupt, UN-backed, caliphate run by Muslim and Third World kleptocrats here in 2005. But I'm sure Bill had something else in mind back in 1997.

Grim Milestone Watch

This is the lead story everywhere I look.

The US has carried out the 1,000th execution since capital punishment was reintroduced in 1976.

The world press has been prepping for this one. America only executes convicted murderers when aggravating factors outweigh mitigating circumstances. Every criminal condemed to death is entitled to an exhaustive appeals process. I'm not defending the death penalty as an institution, but like everything in the imperfect and real world it requires context.

What media bias? Buried deeply under the 1,000th execution story one might find this.

U.N.: Torture Still Widespread in China

I wonder how much arm-twisting Bolton had to do to get this investigation? He deserves a raise.
BEIJING - The first U.N. investigator to visit China's detention centers in years found that torture is still common and accused the government of obstructing his work.

China sells the organs from some of the many thousands of people it executes every year (nobody really knows how many, but it's more than several thousand per year). Some are executed, tortured, or beaten to death for religious practices, drug trafficking, bribery, tax evasion, credit-card fraud, stealing cultural relics, and other non-capital crimes by U.S. standards.

Saddam's Shop of Horrors

"There were many kinds of torture," says Nabaz Mamhoud, a translator at the museum. "Some of them were executed or slaughtered by Saddam Hussein; some of them were imprisoned for the rest of their lives. The other people were kept in jails while security forces of Saddam Hussein tortured them in the most severe way."

.....Kurds say it was simply genocide; people were rounded up into concentration camps or simply marched into the desert and shot. The Anfal saw the disappearance of 182,000 Kurds, most presumed to be dead. Hardly a person in the entire Iraqi Kurdish population did not lose a family member in that violent rampage.