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Monday, August 29, 2005

Blog Spam, Stupid Comments, and Other Annoyances

I don't moderate, delete, or necessarily read my comments. Apparently this has caused my blog to become the equivalent of my e-mail inbox, but with less emphasis on my penis, prescription drugs, or impossibly low mortgage rates below the Prime. Interest-only mortgages are nothing but rent.

I apologize for the inconvenience. Those who are spamming my blog will be hunted down, one-by-one, and liquidated. Watch your backs. Oops! I was in front of you!

I guess I should be happy some people think I get the traffic to make it worthwhile, but I don't, so it's just a pain in the ass. This blog is not a business opportunity for ME, FOOLS!

If you've made a comment even slightly related to something I posted, this message does not apply to you. Links are fine. When I'm looking for a business 'opportunity' I'll be sure to mention it.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

The DSC is for heroes

Charles has linked to my blog. Welcome LGFers. You may know me as Beagle. No pressure, no pressure, no pressure....

Military City is a great website for military information.

The Army Times (not to be confused with the New York Times) carries the story.

Last November, insurgents attacked several police stations in Mosul. According to the military’s account of his actions, Coffman was with a group of Iraqi commandos moving to reinforce one police station that was under attack when insurgents ambushed them.

All but one of the commando team’s officers were killed or seriously wounded early in the fight, leaving the Iraqi officer and Coffman, an adviser to the commandos, to direct the battle.

“Coffman exhibited truly inspirational leadership, rallying the commandos and organizing a hasty defense while attempting to radio higher headquarters for reinforcements,” his award citation reads.

During the fight, Coffman was shot in his shooting hand, a shot that wrecked his weapon. But he picked up AK47s from the wounded Iraqis and kept shooting.

The battle lasted four hours, ending only after U.S. armored vehicles and air support arrived. Coffman consented to be evacuated for medical treatment only after all of the Iraqi wounded were evacuated.

Twelve Iraqi commandos were killed, as were 25 insurgents, the military said.

I often wonder what separates the Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) from the Congressional Medal of Honor (CMH)? Heroism under fire is hard to measure empirically. It is clear that the CMH tends to be awarded posthumously or after critical injury. Congratulations to Col. James H. Coffman Jr. for NOT earning the CMH.

U.S. Army Decorations

Congressional Medal of Honor
b. The Medal of Honor is awarded by the President in the name of Congress to a person who, while a member of the Army, distinguishes himself or herself conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life or her life above and beyond the call of duty while engaged in an action against an enemy of the United States; while engaged in military operations involving conflict with an opposing foreign force; or while serving with friendly foreign forces engaged in an armed conflict against an opposing armed force in which the United States is not a belligerent party. The deed performed must have been one of personal bravery or self-sacrifice so conspicuous as to clearly distinguish the individual above his comrades and must have involved risk of life. Incontestable proof of the performance of the service will be exacted and each recommendation for the award of this decoration will be considered on the standard of extraordinary merit.

Distinguished Service Cross
b. The Distinguished Service Cross is awarded to a person who while serving in any capacity with the Army, distinguished himself or herself by extraordinary heroism not justifying the award of a Medal of Honor; while engaged in an action against an enemy of the United States; while engaged in military operations involving conflict with an opposing or foreign force; or while serving with friendly foreign forces engaged in an armed conflict against an opposing Armed Force in which the United States is not a belligerent party. The act or acts of heroism must have been so notable and have involved risk of life so extraordinary as to set the individual apart from his or her comrades.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

How to Mismanage Statistics and Hoodwink People

The latest stench wafting from the dankest, foulest, fetid, and odious corners of the blogosphere fever swamps goes something like this:

"60% of Americans don't support President George W. Bush's handling of the Iraq War."

The explanation is that Americans want the troops out. Suddenly a majority apparently believe Michael Moore's "Minutemen" (al Qaeda head-choppers) should be allowed to run roughshod over those brave Iraqis who've stood up for a chance at democracy and freedom, despite the long odds in that part of the world.

Is that the real explanation?

In a word, no. Manipulating polling data is really very simple. The first rule of manipulating polling data is to fail to distinguish types of negative responders. In all liklihood a substantial number of Americans who "don't support Bush" would favor a more robust approach to terrorism.

In recent weeks it's become clear that both Syria and Iran have funded and supported the "insurgency." That the vast majority of suicide bombers come from outside Iraq is now common knowledge to anyone who reads the news on a regular basis. To complete the third strike, troops in Afghanistan have been complaining the Pakistani border has become a safe haven for Taliban and al Qaeda terrorists.

It is not hard to imagine those on the Right losing support for Bush's handling of the "War on Terror." The only way to properly fight an enemy is to take the fight to his doorstep, his turf. There is no home-field advantage in war. These "negative responders" would not favor withdrawl and surrender to the terrorists as the manipulators of the data would have you believe.

When, or if, I do a next installment on "How to Mismanage Statistics and Hoodwink People" it will be entitled "The Form of the Question: One Word Can Make the Difference."

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Boo Frickin' Hoo - and more taqiyya for the masses

More Muslims Whining

First I'd like to shed some crocodile tears for the poor, victimized Muslim population which suffers the attacks of fearful looks, anger, and justifiable suspicion.
The anti-Muslim rhetoric, which has saturated public discourse, has left the impression that Islam and its followers are being targeted for annihilation.

Project much? It's the Koran which calls for Islam to dominate the world and kill all the unbelievers. Please consult Religion of Peace @ Casualties available to the left of this post.

The sure test of a Muslim lying to protect the ummah is a quote from CAIR:
As noted by Nihad Awad, the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, terrorism is not consistent with Islam, and "those who try to commit acts of terror in the name of Islam try to misinterpret and misuse certain issues in Islamic jurisprudence and have no authority or qualification except their anger."

Which is why both of Osama's fatwas (1996,1998) are filled with quotes from the Koran. This explains why Osama is the most popular man in Islam, his 'misunderstanding' of its core principles. Please. You can fool some of the people all of the time, but I'm not one of them.

I don't want Muslims dead, just not in the United States. Clear?

Islam is a totality. Islam is not a religion. We already have the United States Constitution and the First Amendment. What we don't need is sharia law, slavery, misogyny, honor killings, and lying as part of what claims to be a religion.

Just the notion of "Muslim land" is barbaric. Yet we hear this raised as a legitimate reason for killing civilians every day. Saudi money can buy a great deal of influence.

When Saudi Arabia allows a Christian church or synagogue to be built I will quit calling for the deportation of Muslims from the (still, for now) free nations of the Earth.

I'm wise to your games. The "Muslim world" means Earth to you. I'll offer you Mercury. Perhaps advanced Muslim technology (flying carpet?) will allow you to settle there peacefully. You know, not counting exterminating 'apostates' like the Shia, women who show ankle, or children who break the fast.