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Monday, November 15, 2004

Nuclear news, views, and spews

Enough Brinksmanship tracks some of the ideas I expressed when I suggested many people have misread the lessons of the Cold War. I feel the real lesson is that the United States and the Soviet Union fought many proxy wars, killing millions, conducted dangerous and deadly clandestine operations on one another, and nearly blew up or irradiated a good chunk of the Planet Earth.

Enough Brinksmanship
Rethink nuclear nonproliferation, before it's too late.
by Henry Sokolski

AS THE UNITED STATES and its allies give Tehran its fifth chance in nearly two years to suspend activities that could bring it within weeks of having enough enriched uranium for a large arsenal, the question arises: Isn't there a better way to prevent states from getting nuclear weapons? The answer is yes, but only if we and our partners are willing to be much more aggressive in adapting existing nonproliferation efforts to today's threats.

NUCLEAR TERRORISM: The Ultimate Preventable Catastrophe (Times Books / an imprint of Henry Holt & Co.; August 9, 2004).

Sometimes a book title is good enough.

Israel's Nuclear Weapons suggests that there may be over 400 deployed nuclear weapons awaiting any enemy, or enemies, of Israel.

Playing a game of national chicken against Israel, as Iran is doing, may well result in a head-on collision which destroys most of Iran and several surrounding nation-states.

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