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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

"Muslim land" - Why Islamic Immigration to the West MUST be Stopped

Yeah! I have my very own personal Muslim troll. He's mine. You can't have him.

Can anyone name a religion which claims land as its own? Buddhism? Nope. Christianity? Not any more. Hinduism? Nice try. Any of these guesses would have been correct a thousand years ago.

Only Islam consistently practices relgious apartheid in today's world. Saudi Arabia is the best example, among many others. Jews and kuffar are not allowed to even set foot in much of Saudi Arabia. Jews can't visit any part of Saudi Arabia.

Muslims, and my troll is one, still believe land can practice a religion. Once land is captured by Muslims, they claim it for all eternity. This directly contradicts all modern notions of land ownership, and violates every anti-discrimination law in the West. Yet we tolerate this medieval view of land ownership from Islam. Jews must leave the "occupied territories" while Arabs are supposed to have free reign in Israel. Hypocrisy much?

REMEMBER: to the western mode of thought Islam is not just religion, but law, government, and morals police all wrapped into one entity. One can't fart without consulting an imam.

This "Muslim land" phenomenon creates a situation where "Muslim land" can only expand, bringing dhimmitude, backwardness, beheadings, and misogyny everywhere it goes. Have fun, Europe! Enjoy, Hamtramck, MI! Listen to the troll. Muslims are playing for keeps. Nothing touches me more than listening to another 'moderate' Muslim defend Osama.


Anonymous said...

Damn You!

Mine only send hatemail with munged returned ids...makes it hard to play with them. Any you YOU!! have one of your very own!

At least you have said:neener...neeener....neeeeeeeeener.


Chip said...

I'll bet a dollar or donut it's this guy who's mad about this.

LASunsett said...

Europe is certainly setting itself up for future problems.

The Ottoman Turks desperately wanted to expand Islam into Europe, for eons. The Muslim immigrants of today are accomplishing that very objective without firing a shot.

At some point, Europe must realize that increased numbers of Muslims will soon begin campaigns of terror to destablize Western civilization in their own towns and provinces. At some point, they will succeed.

Then, just take a wild guess who will have to bail Europe out, once again?

Photios said...

Email me. I looked at your template and can help w/color.

Also, I have a piece at my blog you may be interested in.


Ed said...

I have a couple of trolls too :)

nice site, keep it up

Tom said...

Thanks for the link! I'll add you to my blogroll pronto.

I just wrote a post with, among many other things, some excerpts from Khomeini's guide to bestiality and pedophilia.

Have you gotten any trollspam? I've gotten one very strange troll on this post, as well as a rare fact-oriented argument against Hannity.

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