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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Blogkrieg: Operation Spring Closeout Special

I wonder if if the public schools have climbed the magnificent edifice, woken upon the sunrise, skipped over the meadow, flown the kite (um), known the peace and tolerance that Islam represents? Don't make CAIR sue you. If only Robert Spencer could read the Koran in Arabic instead of his dozen English translations. The supreme nuance would turn him from a misunderstander and Islamophobe to someone who submits to the will of God. What could be simpler or better?

Sleep, dhimmi, sleep. It will all be over before you know it.

FYI: Arabic is a strategic language.

I'll believe it when I see it. Help me. I'm being repressed by the bleeding academic collective enforcing its oligarchic intellectual moonbattedness!

Persecution of the Christians

No war for chocolate! Liberate the Languedoc! Wine drinkers for peace! Free the Cathars!
If there is any consistency to France, it is that as a country it can be fickle, ungrateful, and totally self-serving. As Tallyrand is reported to have said, "France does not have friends; France has interests." Fair enough. In the post-WWII days, General Charles de Gaulle made himself sufficiently acerbic and opportunistic that it was considered necessary by the U.S. and Great Britain to humor him. As a consequence France got a piece of the divided Germany, a veto-wielding seat at the new United Nations, and a key role in NATO.

It was considered necessary at the time to award France these concessions despite the fact that it had been a Vichy collaborator (with minor contributions at best toward the Allied victory), because the internal communist movement had grown so strong within France that its post-war government teetered on collapse.

Give it a few decades to percolate.
Tocqueville was initially surprised at how religious Americans are but eventually understood the importance of faith to developing the nation's free institutions. Michael Novak understands how religious the world's Muslims are and discerns in this a potentially viable relationship between Allah and liberty. One only wishes he had done so with a more systematic focus, for at the beginning and end of this meandering book are stirring ideas that encourage hopefulness about democracy's prospects in parts of the world starving for nourishment.

Arab News for the Big Finish! Christians are scary millenarians you see. Two thousand zero zero, party over, oops, out of time.
I know, I know — it seems impossible that such fantastical beliefs could actually have an impact on the policies of a superpower. I used to think so, too — until two years ago, when I went on the Christian Coalition solidarity tour of Israel. It was me (under cover) and 10 evangelicals, all buckled-up for a holiday in End-Times. I ended up (for my sins) sharing a room with Tracey Ammons — the Christian Coalition’s main lobbyist in the Senate. His vision of Middle East peace was simple — and constantly explained at very high volume: “Soon, the Palestinians will be left with nothin’, praise be. Give the Arabs the desert. They like to be Bedouins. They can do that and we’ll be happy — so long as they behave.” Tracey is on first-name terms with every Republican senator. “They are men of God,” he explained. “We pray together all the time. They all agree with me in private that Israel shouldn’t have to negotiate. This is God’s land, and he gave it to the Jews,” he said. We stood at Meggido — the site of Armageddon in the Book of Revelations — and he muttered hungrily: “Soon. Soon.”

Ladies, hug a mullah today.

Christian Coalition Israeli Solidarity Terrorists End World...?

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