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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Boo Frickin' Hoo - and more taqiyya for the masses

More Muslims Whining

First I'd like to shed some crocodile tears for the poor, victimized Muslim population which suffers the attacks of fearful looks, anger, and justifiable suspicion.
The anti-Muslim rhetoric, which has saturated public discourse, has left the impression that Islam and its followers are being targeted for annihilation.

Project much? It's the Koran which calls for Islam to dominate the world and kill all the unbelievers. Please consult Religion of Peace @ Casualties available to the left of this post.

The sure test of a Muslim lying to protect the ummah is a quote from CAIR:
As noted by Nihad Awad, the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, terrorism is not consistent with Islam, and "those who try to commit acts of terror in the name of Islam try to misinterpret and misuse certain issues in Islamic jurisprudence and have no authority or qualification except their anger."

Which is why both of Osama's fatwas (1996,1998) are filled with quotes from the Koran. This explains why Osama is the most popular man in Islam, his 'misunderstanding' of its core principles. Please. You can fool some of the people all of the time, but I'm not one of them.

I don't want Muslims dead, just not in the United States. Clear?

Islam is a totality. Islam is not a religion. We already have the United States Constitution and the First Amendment. What we don't need is sharia law, slavery, misogyny, honor killings, and lying as part of what claims to be a religion.

Just the notion of "Muslim land" is barbaric. Yet we hear this raised as a legitimate reason for killing civilians every day. Saudi money can buy a great deal of influence.

When Saudi Arabia allows a Christian church or synagogue to be built I will quit calling for the deportation of Muslims from the (still, for now) free nations of the Earth.

I'm wise to your games. The "Muslim world" means Earth to you. I'll offer you Mercury. Perhaps advanced Muslim technology (flying carpet?) will allow you to settle there peacefully. You know, not counting exterminating 'apostates' like the Shia, women who show ankle, or children who break the fast.


Rancher said...

Little harsh on the Muslim world, but then again we're still waiting for the moral outrage at the atrocities committed in the name of Islam.

_H_ said...

what about the christian churches in iraq .. ah shit sorry .. we bombed them :o) oops

what about the catholics murdering the english in london

what about timothy mcvieigh ,

the child abuse by christian priests

what about the millions of muslims world wide who condemmed the murder

what about the 25,000 iraqis we have killed .. that was an accident and we kill that many !!

what about the jewish murder of a 4 year old boy hiding behind his farther that was beamed around the world

what about abhu grahb ?

any body can warp are relgious text .. the old testiment says that to worship any one other then god is wrong .. and those that do arew often stoned to death

i am no muslim and no defender of any faith but your article seems very one sided

the world is full of christian and muslim extremists it just that FOX only seems to notice the one and not the other

Anonymous said...

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3rd said...

what a bunch of missing the big picture "h" got there!
most of the things you refer to is either single incidents or war and that has nothing to do with the fact that millions of muslims is governed by a religious belief that tell them that they shall take over the world by populating the globe and when they have the majority they shall overtake it in the name of islam! in contrast we got the western democracys who is build on the thought of freedom and where democratic principles goes before religious belief! that´s why i think there is so huge a differens in our culture and background that i think we have to watch out for the muslim world and not hesitate to strike down hard to make a statement at least whenever there is a reason to do so so they understand that they will not catch us sleeping!

_H_ said...

hahaha 3rd ... you sound like a paranoid fascist ...

do you actually know any muslims ? or do you just get your opinions from TV ?

how do you think you detroyed the taliban in afgansitan ?

it wasnt american boots on the ground it was muslim boots

american forces left it to the northern aliance to do the dirty work for them

sadly you fall under the same niave practise that many do ,

i would not dare to try to understand the bible as well as a preacher

neither would i do so with the quran ..

every event in history is a single event and the teaching in the quran is in the main a religion of peace . it is the miss reading of the quran that creates terrorists and the miss reading of the quran that makes opinions like yours

see .. you have more in common then you think


3rd said...

maybe i´m paranoid i will rather call it to be prepared but certainly not a fascist i do beleive in freedom and i´m ready to protect it.
and i actually know some muslims i have a couple of good friends there is born muslims and even though they are second generation in a western democracy they´ll always be muslims at first and it will always be so that there upbringing is based on dic tatorship from there religion and that for me makes a parallel to any other fanatic political or religious beleif and it doesn´t matter if you call it fascist nazist communist as long it is a belief where you either by physical or psycological means try to force others to believe the same as you do an example from our own society is jehovas wittnesses wich i also have some personal knowledge of.
i dont get my opinion from tv i have got it from the experience gathered through my life where i have lived in neighborhoods where it at first when there moved a couple of muslims in it was no problem but at last they became the majority and my kids can´t go out to play because they are just pigs and when you have heard the comment enough that "you can just wait until we take over society then we´ll get you" i think you are right to be prepared!
i don´t who is the naive but i don´t think you got much personal experience so try live as a minority in your own country first!

you mention the taliban i think it was right to do so by the americans because the taliban was dangerous to the afghani people but also to the rest of the world and who knows talibans best the ones that have fought against them all along! and the talibans was a group of influentual muslims who apparently have misread the quran.

for me it looks like you is some kind of theoretic whos main concern is peace and understanding it is also a good ideal but to have and keep peace and understanding you have to be prepared to defend your ideal especially in this world!
the basic reason for us to be able to share opinions of such different observance is that someone was willing to give their lives for the freedom to do so!!
and that for me is the ultimate gift anyone can give!
if you think i have something in common with terrorists you are totally wrong it´s right i will defend my ideals but terrorists don´t defend they attack to force there ideals through (if they got any) and that is a huge difference!!

_H_ said...

it is not peace that i seak but honesty and the removal of double standards

the terrorists are responsible for the horror of 9/11 killing 3000 people

we kill 25,000 (not including the 1 million dead created by our sanctions) and we call this colatoral damage

they have nasty WMD , we have lovely cute fluffy nuclear detterent

they have .. an axis of EVIL !!!!!

we have a coalition of the willing

yes they are evil nasty warped twisted souls .. nobody argues that

but you sit there like our hands are clean .. they are as bloody as theres

the blood bath of fallujah was a war crime equal to saddams

the use of depleted uranium in iraq has increased childhood cancer by 1200 %

i just thought we were the good guys

but no .. its muslim this . muslim that

we need to take a look at what makes these people so god damn angry

suicide bombers are not born !

you have to really piss them off

try a few basics

a home for the palestinains
removal of all foreign troops from what they call holy lands
allow them to do what they wish with there own resources on there own land

its not much ,, but you watch the bombing stop as soon as we stop being so


Rancher said...


"what about the jewish murder of a 4 year old boy hiding behind his farther (sic) that was beamed around the world"

Do a little research on that, didn't happen like French TV reported.

_H_ said...

i dont have to research it i have seen it for myself ..

to be fair i have also seen the palastinians rip a man apart for just being in the wrong side of town

what are you claiming i have missed ?

Rancher said...


I assumed you were referring to Mohammed Al-Dura, the little Palestinian boy who was shot dead. It was a hoax. Are you saying you witnessed a Jew intentionally murder a four year old?

_H_ said...

hahahaha , you believe that do you

The general scheme of Horowitz's argument is too trivial to analyze: the Jews are always good; the Arabs are always bad. Racism is inherent: "the Palestinians are a community of suicide bombers," he writes shamelessly. Some of his arguments are simply repulsive, like the manipulative use of Israel's peace camp: "There is no Arab 'Peace Now' movement, not even a small one, whereas in Israel the movement demanding concessions to Arabs in the name of peace is a formidable political force." The Israeli peace camp would be very grateful to Mr. Horowitz for using its very existence as an argument against peace.

, how scientific .. surely you can do better then that

do you have any "real" journalist reports or are you going with this ?

come on be serious... all of us not connected to either group can see wrongs on both side

it doesnt help your case when your quoting someone who even the far right in israel are to the left of

it does not help your case

Anonymous said...

Big Eagle is just sitting here, waiting for the utter morons who defend the evil muslims to be executed by their defendants. Big Eagle will have a lot of chuckle to do.
Big Eagle