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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Eurabia wages war against The Force of Reason to obliterate The Legacy of Jihad

I like to read several books at once. Dry non-fiction books, the spinach of reading, are often too difficult to read in huge chunks. When loaded with healthy facts, books can cause the mental palate to become overwhelmed. After about 40 pages I find myself going back and reading the last page again. That's a sure sign my brain has reached temporary storage capacity.

Sometimes books read best in combinations. They are like the chocolate and peanut butter of books, tasty when read together. One book exemplifies or adds some meat to the other.

I don't think any two books are more compatable than Eurabia, by Bat Ye'or and The Force of Reason, by Oriana Fallaci.

For a good beverage to compliment the entire reading experience I'd suggest The Legacy of Jihad, by Andrew Bostom.**

Oriana Fallaci begins the Force of Reason with a short section describing the vicious threats, legal attacks, and vitriol which came after the publication of The Rage and the Pride. With Eurabia sitting next to you, having digested a mere fifty pages, this pincer attack on Fallaci, from all sides, will make complete sense. If you've read The Rage and the Pride you know Fallaci didn't say anything honest students of Islam and observers of modern terrorism haven't been saying all over the Internet and in other books. In one section of The Legacy of Jihad you can read a couple dozen folks who predicted the revival of political, imperialistic Islam.

In the next section of The Force of Reason, Fallaci moves on to a brief history of jihad warfare against Europe without removing all the details which have been carefully excised from history classes and Middle Eastern studies classes all over the world. With The Legacy of Jihad sitting next to you, heavily sourced and footnoted, you realize Fallaci is recounting a past which is slowly making its way down the memory hole. Eurabia explains this is EU policy going all the way back to the early 1970's. The European-Arab Dialogue has been a one-way affair. The Europeans have placed hope, global aspirations of power, oil supplies, and hatred (of Jews and America), over centuries of experience. If enlightened self-interest and mere economics were the only motivations, the Europeans would have used their technology weapon to counter the oil weapon. But that would require a united front without traitors circumventing the technology ban, impossible for Europeans.

In modern academia, it's taken as a given that Islamic nations simply appeared on the borders of China, Spain, and Eastern Europe. The gory details, or any details, have vanished from education.

When President Bush talks about extremists hijacking a peaceful religion everyone should realize this is tantamount to condemning thousands of innocent people to death in our next so-called "wake-up call." Sadly, he's the only president since Jefferson to do anything substantial against the global jihad. Whether Bush knows it is another question.

Hunker down. This "long war" is almost 1,400 years old. Every sign points to it going nuclear before substantial action will be viewed as justified. On the domestic front, Muslim spokesmen whisper sweet lies into every important ear, from President Bush, the mainstream media, your local community college president, down to one-way "interfaith dialogues." Conversion, blasphemy, or apostasy in Islam means death, so I don't see listening to reciprocal dialogue being advisable for Muslims.

Europe is in graver danger than it was in WWII, but nearly every government is Vichy. The EEC-EU was built on the twin pillars of Jew-hatred and anti-Americanism. To accomplish their geopolitical goals policymakers deluded themselves, chose to punish honest history, and sacrifice their indigenous European populations on a social experiment. This experiment was doomed to fail. Anyone who'd read the Qur'an or studied history carefully could have seen it. But hatred and lust for power are the most compelling motivators for people who take survival for granted. Nothing clouds thinking like grandiose schemes.

**Appetizers could include anything by Robert Spencer, Ibn Warraq, or Ali Sina's (Faith Freedom) new book, among many others. The truth is outing, but stupidity evolves like bacteria, ensuring its survival for all time.

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