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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Should our enemies have greater rights than common criminals?

Based on recent articles I must conclude the mainstream media believes the answer is a resounding "YES!"
Spy Agency Watching Americans From Space

The test is "reasonable expectation of privacy." Every recent article from pen registers to this latest partisan attack has dealt with an issue which was settled during the unreal "War on Drugs." This is a REAL WAR, with WAR POWERS.

I never liked declaring fake wars on things like poverty or drugs. Now I'm seeing the results.

Florida v. Riley, settled law.

Let me explain something very briefly. War powers must be used to fight wars. That's the limit. The instant there is a real abuse for mere law enforcement, blackmail, or political advantage, I'll be all over it like a French prostitute.

But in the case of aerial surveillance, like pen registers, there is no limit on government power. Could anyone fly a Piper Cub over your house at 500'? Why, yes, yes they could. So if you want privacy, stay inside.

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