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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Wake-Up Call: Brigitte Gabriel

Pay particular attention to the first question 31:25 into the presentation.
Europe is doomed if that's the best solution they can muster. Gabriel takes the passive European multiculturalist "moderate Muslims" solution out of the park, over the street, and down the railroad tracks. "Actions speak louder than words."


Another brave woman, Diana West, wonders about the moderates as well.

It's a female three-fer. This is the only article I've ever seen which deals with the very real problem of radical Islam at universities.
Candace de Russy notices a real root cause: higher education. The usual tropes about poverty and alienation almost never reflect actual jihadis, who tend to be well off and educated.


devildog6771 said...

Thank you for putting the truth out there.

John said...

Words Of An American Hero

"The intimidation takes a toll on you," Ms. Gabriel said in an e-mail message to friends after the Memphis speech. "I was dreading this all day, ever since my hosts told me they had been receiving hostile e-mail about my lecture. It was weighing so heavily on my heart. My stomach was in knots. I got a migraine headache. I knew I was
going into battle, and there was no way out of it. I was nervous and stressed. Each time this happens, I hate it and it makes me feel that I don't want to do it anymore. But I will do it. I will never stop. If we stop, the Islamists will have won. We cannot allow that to happen." -Brigitte Gabriel