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Monday, October 31, 2005




French troops approach another grim milestone. This is the fifth day, a work week, half of ten, yet the militant activist youths of Clichy-sous-Bois tenacously hang onto the holy city under wood. Using makeshift weapons like 'fire bad' and rocks they burned somewhere between 20 and 40 French armored vehicles.
Sources close to Chirac who could not be named said they warned him what might happen if French troops strayed too closely into France.

Critics of the administration point out that armor which protects from 'fire bad' has been available for years. Sources close to Chirac note his 'Water Good' company could profit from the internal strife which has marred the French occupation of France for decades.

One family story
Azzam Mohammed Jihad Shahid Mohammed (17)
"He's the quietest, most bookish student I've ever taught," Osama Zarqawi Ballout Jihad said of Azzam, his pupil for 10 years. "Nobody knows the Koran better," asserted Osama. "There is no way he could participate in unjustified violence," Mr. Jihad concluded.

"My brother strikes out at the police cars which drive up and down the streets," Shahada Kazzam Mohammed (13) says. "They are Zionist Gallic French imperialists." He paused briefly to watch a behading video on his cell phone, but continued, "how can police cars not be burned when they try to force their secular law on us?"

"Fire bad" said Azzam, hosing incendary machine gun fire at French police cars.

Fire bad, indeed. "Allah is greatest" said Azzam, noting the "police should surrender" Clichy-sous-Bois, or risk violence...

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Jason_Pappas said...

Five days of … insurgent attacks. How did Michael Moore’s Minutemen find their way to the suburb of Paris? If only the French would stop occupying … France. Of course we have to examine root causes.