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Thursday, March 03, 2005

To my beloved Muslim troll

You said the objective of the Wahhabi, Takfir, Osama branch of Islam is to remove Westerners from "Muslim lands". I've already pointed out that view is apartheid, religious cleansing, medieval, and eternally expansionist. Would Hamtramk Michigan be Muslim land? It will be if the U.S. doesn't clamp down on immigration and Saudi propaganda in every mosque.

More importantly though, don't you read?

The Search for International Terrorist Entities is the most recent place I've seen this Islamic goal published, among many others.
Today, March 2, 2005, Abu Maysara al-Iraqi, the official spokesman of al-Qaeda in Iraq(Qaedat al-jihad fi Bilad al-Rafidayn), electronically distributed a new publication titled The Highest Intuition (Thurwat al-Sanam).

The 43-page magazine, volume one in what seems to be an upcoming series, seeks to inspire active mujahideen in Iraq. Written by younger Muslims, the preface to the publication begins with a mission statement from its editorial board. “This is a loud cry,” it explains, “written by young writers to keep Allah’s words, which we share with our sword-carrying brothers, about what Allah gave us about wisdom and guidance in the Qur’an, the Sunnah, and understanding the Sahaba and their followers [so we may] pledge to people [entrance] to the Garden of Eden.”

Repeating the importance of the sword in the religion of Islam, the authors go on to state that “our call is to make the word of Allah the highest, and the Sharia will rule the East and West of the Earth, to wipe out unbelievers wherever they are and in any form.”

Other subjects in the magazine include a message written by Usama bin Laden to the mujahideen in Iraqaccepting the allegiance of Zarqawi to al-Qaeda, as originally aired by al-Jazeera on Decemeber 27, 2004, as well as a communication from Zarqawi to bin Laden, the purpose of the US-led war in Iraq, and remarks regarding the recent Iraqi elections.

UPDATE: NY Post - Religion of Peace: killing 10 million civilians mitzvah (peachy).
March 4, 2005 -- JERUSALEM
"Since the American attack in Afghanistan, al Qaeda was dismembered," said Maj. Gen. Aharon Zeevi. "Today, the organization is based on several networks around the world."

Some parts of al Qaeda are spread in small zones, of 30 to 60 miles each, along the Pakistan-Afghan border — and that's where Osama Bin Laden and his senior aides are likely hiding, he said.

But al Qaeda also exists on the Internet, where Sunni religious authorities answer doctrinal questions of aspiring terrorists and their supporters.

"For example, one of the most important questions was whether it was permissible to kill 10 million people with a nonconventional bomb if it meant that Muslims would be among them," Zeevi said. "The answer was, 'Yes, it is permitted.' "

That exchange took place in cyberspace last year, and intelligence agencies haven't pinpointed the religious authorities since then.

Of course this is just the view of a few isolated extremists who have perverted the wonderful Islamic faith. (BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah right.)
Did they really endorse killing millions?

"According to the Koran, in order to achieve the goal, a Muslim world, that would be a mitzvah, a good deed," he said.

He noted that one of the chilling discoveries found in personal effects of al Qaeda members along the Pakistan-Afghan border was a map in which the entire world is painted green — meaning Muslim.

"I suggest to all of us to regard this very seriously. The green map of the world is the target of al Qaeda," he said.

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