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Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Apartheid Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: now with new, improved shahids in Iraq

When Stephen Schwartz is writing about Wahhabism, he's on target. When he's guesstimating the currency Wahhabism has in the greater Muslim population he's like a cruise missile missing by a thousand miles.

Our allies in the war on terror (TM) I'm not a rocket scientist, but I predicted this phenomenon over at Straight Dope posting as "Beagle" two years ago. There are probably only a select few tens of million others who could see this coming. Too bad none of them work for the mainstream media, or are booked for an interview.
The Global Research in International Affairs Center in Israel, a highly reputable and reliable think-tank, has published a paper titled "Arab volunteers killed in Iraq: an Analysis," available at Authored by Dr. Reuven Paz, the paper analyzes the origins of 154 Arab jihadists killed in Iraq in the last six months, whose names have been posted on Islamist websites.

The sample does not account for all jihadists in Iraq, but provides a useful and eye-opening profile of them. Saudi Arabia accounted for 94 jihadists, or 61 percent of the sample, followed by Syria with 16 (10 percent), Iraq itself with only 13 (8 percent), and
Kuwait with 11 (7 percent.) The rest included small numbers from Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Algeria, Morocco (of which one was a resident in Spain), Yemen, Tunisia, the Palestinian territories (only 1), Dubai, and Sudan. The Sudanese was living in Saudi Arabia before he went to die in Iraq.

The names of most of the dead appeared on the websites after the battle of Falluja, and they were all supporters of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and al Qaeda.

Of the 94 Saudis, 61 originated in the region of Najd, known as the heartland of the Wahhabis. The total of 154 included 33 suicide terrorists, of whom 23 were Saudis (with 10 from Najd). Given that Najdis make up 43.5 percent of Saudi suicide bombers in Iraq, and 65 percent of all Saudi jihadists on the list, Paz concludes that the "Wahhabi doctrines of Najd--the heart of Wahhabism--remain highly effective."

Paz emphasizes that "the support for violent Jihad in Iraq against the Americans was encouraged by the Saudi Islamic establishment." But he also offers some interesting observations:

* "Jihadi volunteers constitute a significant portion of the Sunni insurgents," suggesting that referring to the terrorists as if they represented Sunnis in general, or were merely guerrillas opposed to a foreign invader, is inaccurate.

* "Another element to note is the relatively small number of Iraqis involved in the fighting on behalf of the Zarqawi group."

* "Particularly striking . . . is the absence of Egyptians among foreign Arab volunteers [in] Iraq, even though Egypt is the largest Arab country, with millions of sympathizers of Islamist groups." Paz notes that Egyptians were previously prominent as fighters in Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Chechnya. He ascribes the failure of Egyptians to enlist in the Iraqi jihad to a combination of the decline of Islamist influence in Egypt, effective Egyptian government action against jihadism, and orders from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt not to participate physically in the Iraqi jihad.

As I've said before, I'm not impressed when a particular Muslim believes in the goals of al Qaeda but doesn't have the stones to go on a mission. Even less impressive is the giant proviso I bolded at the end of the quote. That's an exception through which I could drive a truck full of explosives, money, and cell phones.

Yes, Michael Moore, just like our Minutemen. How could anyone so fat, ugly, and stupid be so popular and rich? Don't answer that. I think I'll go wash down some goofballs with tequila while sniffing ether.

RIP Hunter S. Thompson. You certainly didn't rest much while you were here.

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