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Thursday, August 19, 2004

The DaVinci Post

I don't plan on discussing this every day on my blog. But it's always good to lead with something interesting. Many people have read the The DaVinci Code and wonder if there is any truth to the theories suggested within. I can't answer that question. I believe anyone who has read DaVinci Code; Holy Blood, Holy Grail; The Messianic Legacy; The Templar Revelation, and a number of other popular books will find this French plate I inherited very interesting.

I don't know much about it. It appears to be a Montereau and Creil plate. The markings on the back are:

B & Cie

The B & C stands for Barluet and Company. B & C made plates for Montereau and Creil from 1876 - 1884. The markings on the plate appear to match the style of the Barluet Company very well. I think you will find, as I have, that this plate is unlike any Montereau and Creil plate of the Barluet, or any other period. Here is a link to the markings found on Montereau and Creil plates:

The plate appears genuine to me. Which raises the question, why can't I find out anything about it?

The plate itself is exactly 13 inches wide.