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Sunday, August 22, 2004

John Kerry, the Sensitive but Confused Warrior, Last Year
Foreign Policy -- March / April 2003

We must also change the way we interact with the world. For people who have suggested that unilateralism is “just the American way,” it’s time to acknowledge that, more and more, our allies are our eyes and ears around the globe and will play a critical role in intelligence operations. We need partners. We should work on our public and private diplomacy more thoughtfully, sensitively, and intensely to develop both.

I support the Bush administration’s goal of a regime change in Iraq. Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is a renegade and outlaw who turned his back on the tough conditions of his surrender put in place by the United Nations in 1991. But the administration’s rhetoric has far exceeded its plans or groundwork. In fact, its
single-mindedness, secrecy, and high-blown phrases have alienated our allies and threatened to undermine the stability of the region.

----- John Kerry


Has anyone heard Senator Kerry mention the United Nations oil-for-food scandal, even once? Will Senator Kerry, a near-native of France, ever speak to us about modern French foreign policy or in French? What about those U.N. resolutions Iraq had flaunted last year? Why didn't France stand up for your fictional "international law" last year?

France triangulates between whichever forces it sees fit, always doing what is in the short-term financial interests of France. There is no chance France or Germany will come charging to replace United States troops in Iraq. If The United States is taking unusually high casualties (but the military is performing unbelievably given the IED v. Hummer environment), or allowing disorder, watch the French and Germans handle Iraq.

Kerry's pondering offering our jilted "allies" oil deals in the hopes they send troops. But the vast majority of voters in those nations were opposed to the war in Iraq thanks in part to their, ours, and your proficient media barrage of propaganda. They think it is a quagmire of torture now. Good luck with that one, Boston Strangler. Your United States Senate testimony (perjury?) had more to do with the leftist "baby-killer" meme than any other single event. Every significant television camera in Washington D.C. carried that testimony, every socialist nation uses it as propaganda to this day, and the movies -- the source from which many derive their history -- provided you your military history in some cases. Right Martin Sheen / Col. Kurtz / Dennis Hopper / Boston Strangler?

France and Germany would bait a President-Elect Kerry to make themselves feel important, make the EU look like a powerbroker. They might send a few thousand troops for their soulmate Jean, but I doubt even that. If they do, they will be 'peacekeeping' soldiers with strict orders not to fight back. Kerry would get the same "Non, Nein" but with some diplomatic cover.

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