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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Is Islam Capable of Solving Whodunits?

I happened to be watching CNN when this story broke. The CNN reporter asked various Shiites who they thought were responsible for these mortar attacks. According to the CNN reporter on the scene the theories ranged from the Interim Iraqi Government to United States forces.

A more rational observer would note that those two institutions have nothing to gain, but much to lose, by enraging the Shiite population. The only person or group that gains anything is al-Sadr and his Medhi Army of cowardly martyrs. The tribalism which one sees within the Islamic community makes me wonder if it is possible to have decent government or any kind of progress in Islamic society. The only 'moderates' in Islam seem to live in the West. The doctrine of taqiyyah (lying to spread Islam among non-believers by denying Islamic scholarship), and wise apostates, explains this phenomenon. Grand Ayatollah al-Sistani is one voice of so-called moderation, but even he has not stated the obvious yet, other Shiites are the ones who attacked his people.

Al-Sadr is an Iranian pawn trying to stir up trouble in Iraq and a coward, nothing more. Or, don't believe your lying eyes. How many more claims he will fight to his last drop of blood followed by retreating into a supposedly holy shrine will it take?

In other news, the latest hudna (a temporary truce for the repositioning of forces) has been reached.

What will the Shiites do if they cannot even acknowledge the obvious schism in their own religion? They will continue to kill each other, while in denial, that's what.

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