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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Jerry Falwell Versus Fundamenalist Islam -- Winner: Falwell in a Knockout

The title of a recent column clarifies the difference between great nations like the United States and theocratic disasters such as Iran: The GOP is not A Church, by Rev. Jerry Falwell

It's not often I agree with Rev. Falwell. I laughed at the cartoon which led to his lawsuit against Larry Flynt. Perhaps I should apologize. Flynt has turned his fortune towards politics with a greater vengance than Falwell.

The most significant innovation in the American constitutional system, a landmark achievement at the time, is the First Amendment. It strikes a tenuous balance between the free exercise of religion, but against the establishment of it.

In Islam we often see the church and state merged. This is Koranic Islam in it's raw, ugly form. It leads to honor killings, beheadings, a lack of technical innovation, misogyny, the shame-honor dynamic, denial of obvious provable facts, and theocratic governance. Worst of all is the fundamental belief that human progress is not possible, that morality expressed through the legal system is immutable. This is why shari'a (Islamic law) is still handing down judgments worthy of Monty Python's Holy Grail. I forget whether witches float or sink. I had never seen a snuff film until Islam began shooting them on video. In Islamic banking there are Orwellian terms for interest to avoid medieval usury law. The belief that a Seventh Century 'prophet' perfected a legal system keeps millions of women and children in unimaginable conditions throughout the world. Jerry Falwell is a greater 'prophet' than Mohammed. Of course, his Bible does not include instructions on how to kill anyone who is not a Christian. This gives him a leg up on Muslim clerics.

When we talk about diversity or accepting other cultures, it's good to keep one rule in mind: cultures bent on destroying culture are not worth accepting.

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