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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Jacques Chirac: Saint-Maker 2004?

Here is a clearcut example of the politics of religion. I wonder if the EU will have its own cathedrals to socialism? In fairness to the Vatican, it appears they can see how crass this is. No Holy Roman Empire for you, Jacques.

A campaign to sanctify the European Union through the beatification of its founding father, Robert Schuman, has run into stiff resistance from the Vatican and now appears likely to fail.

For 14 years investigators under the diocese of Metz have combed through the life of the French statesman to determine whether he merits the title "Blessed Robert", the first step to sainthood.

The drive for his beatification and eventual canonisation was launched by a private group in Metz, the St Benoit Institute, but has acquired powerful backers, including President Jacques Chirac.

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