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Monday, October 25, 2004

All the News Clogging Up My Favorites Menu

I used to respect the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and the Telegraph (UK)
Kerry the "ferocious fighter" is one of the least goofy claims in this article.

"He did it all simply because he is a fighter, and a ferocious one. I am quite certain that if Kerry had been president on September 11 he would have reacted more violently than Bush, sending bombers into Afghanistan, not just Special Forces scouts, and demanding immediate co-operation - or else - from Saudi Arabia, not just Pakistan. European anti-militarists have really picked the wrong guy as their hero."

Um, dude, we did use bombers in Afghanistan, lots of bombers. The SF scouts were actually Air Force commandos there to laser-designate targets for the bombers.

Ten Commandments going to Supreme Court. I think one problem is where you put the display, and who does it. A giant Ten Commandments rock placed in front of the courtroom of a federal judge, by that judge, is probably unfair to Hindus who might have to appear.

Saddam the "secular leader" takes a bashing in Slate, of all places. This is yet another leftist catechism which never made any sense. But if it's repeated enough, people will believe it.

The French have a way with fighting anti-Semitism. Put a Jewish slur on a picture of Jesus. Yeah, that's the ticket. At least the French get tough with schoolgirls. The French deal with Saddam and Hezbollah, but crack down on little girls. That must be the "third way".

Europe from Venus? Just wait until they start fighting over imported cheap goods from the new EU members. Economic sanctions will not work on global terrorism which has no respect for borders. Neither will giving every terrorist a lawyer.

Foreign Affairs is a pretty good magazine. But this guy is clueless. The article suggests America needs to regain legitimacy. One thing to notice: there is NO mention of the UN Oil-for-Food scandal - the largest scandal in human history. The author needs to reassess whose legitimacy is in question. Even Kofi Annan has been forced to admit the UN looks bad. Russia, France, and China never would have supported ousting their sugar daddy, Saddam.

At least we humans have an excuse for all this stupidity.

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