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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Osama Bin Laden's October Surprise: he's a politician, going for 'swing voters'

I've never doubted Osama's intelligence or his ability to manipulate the media. Osama's recent video statement (thanks, zombie) has convinced me that he is a masterful genius of politics. Osama has moved from speaking to his base in the Islamic world to gaining converts among 'swing voters' in liberal democracies.

The first thing to notice about the statement is that it is geared for the American and European audience. There are none of the usual calls to kill the Americans, pagans, Zionists, polytheists, Christians, Europeans, or infidels on Muslim lands. Quite the opposite. Osama recycles many of the Left's talking points. That his statement received applause on last night's Bill Maher show is a testament to Osama's genius as a politician. Sadly, Osama's statement is a greater testament to the failure of the mainstream media, and to Leftist stupidity, or the Left's outright support for the terrorists' goals.

The mainstream media has never made much of Osama's fatwahs. The 1996 and 1998 fatwahs provide more insight into Osama and the jihadist movement than any ten 'terror experts' on television or in the print media. I've spent hours pouring over the fatwahs. What Osama did in his latest statement is carry over many of his earlier talking points from the fatwahs and geared them to the American -- but especially the European -- public. Osama's only mistake, which will not be pointed out by the mainstream media wholly behind John Kerry, was using too many of the Democrat's talking points, including Michael Moore. Osama knew he could take this risk because there is no higher goal in mainstream journalism than electing John Kerry.

Osama's greatest accomplishment was giving a statement which could be interpreted as support for Kerry, or if one is a contrarian for Bush. Though I am a contrarian by nature, the facts on the ground preclude the conclusion Osama would like to see George W. Bush retain his office. President Bush is the first American president to attack private terror funding sources, nations which support the terrorists, and to topple two governments which harbored terrorists and provided them with logistical support and training. Osama is on the run, unable to carry out the huge attacks he did throughout the 1990's, culminating in the second WTC attack on September 11, 2001.

The unholy alliance between Osama and the Left is nothing new. Al Qaeda released a statement during the Democratic primary season which used Howard Dean's talking points. Will the Left or the mainstream media ever wake up and realize they are being used? I doubt it. The anti-American obsession is the defining characteristic of the Left in America and Europe. Osama has learned how to use this to greatest advantage. The media has already decided to bury (thanks, LGF) the real story, Osama's use of leftist talking points.

What was Osama trying to accomplish? Some suggest he has endorsed Kerry, as I did above. It is not that simple. Osama knows there is no greater hatred in Europe than the hatred for the United States. Osama's goal is to further divide Europe from their only means of military protection, the United States. Osama knows Sweden, which he mentions by name, is a nation with a large, growing, and radical Muslim population. Unlike Norway, Sweden is in full PC denial about any potential dangers from this population. There is no more anti-American nation in Europe than Sweden, except perhaps France, Germany, and Belgium. The Swedish are particularly sympathetic to the so-called Palestinian cause (Palestine is actually a province of the Roman Empire). Osama made excellent use of this wedge issue in the statement.

Osama has several goals. Yes, he would like to see George Bush defeated in the upcoming elections. Nothing would rally his followers more than a defeat of President Bush. But more importantly he wants to justify European hatred for the United States. As I said, most people are unaware of the real Osama due to media negligence. The media focuses on his phony political goals for the most part. His religous motivations are covered up so as not to offend CAIR. By reinventing himself, like Madonna, Osama hopes to gain European support, especially non-Arab recruits into his cause. Osama may be the modern master of divide and conquer. He knows how to manipulate the media, the Left, and Europe. Islamists everywhere, take note. Al Zarqawi is just a little amateur compared to the reigning champion, Osama.

So what are his chances? Actually, they are quite good. Decades of anti-American propaganda in the European state-controlled media should propel Osama right up there with Che, Lenin, Michael Moore, and Chomsky.

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