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Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Kristallnacht Pot Bong Putsch: when good Democrats go bad

It is important to remember real Nazi history when trying to draw historical parallels.

Which party in the United States is already planning to subvert the orderly democracy we have had for two centuries with lawsuits?

Which party takes to the streets and calls for violent revolution?

Which party celebrates 'art' which suggests killing the president?

Which party talks about "regime change"?

Which party shoots at their opponents' offices? (See link below)

Which party has vandalized their opponents' offices? (See link below)

What a fantastic title for an editorial, from the Washington Times: "Hate speech and goon squads"

Answer to all of the above: the Democrats.

Never forget, Nazis were just anti-Semitic socialists. Feel free to look around the IAC website I posted above, ANSWER, or Counterpunch. No wonder the Left always refers to Bush as a Nazi, it's called Freudian projection.

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