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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Maureen Dowd Torquemada

Maureen Dowd is never encumbered by facts.
She is apparently very upset George W. Bush prays. That is, after all, the only religious 'crime' he admitted to during the debates. He prays for strength, wisdom, and for others. He never claimed a divine mandate for doing what he does, but that hasn't stopped the Catholic Dowd from assaulting his 'heretical' views.

By the way, John Kerry has been excommunicated and faces heresy charges in a Catholic court. Perhaps Mz. Dowd should clean out her own back yard first?

A nun would tape up a picture of a snow-covered mountain peak on the blackboard and say that the first child to discern the face of Christ in the melting snow was the holiest. I was soon smugly showing the rest of the class the "miraculous" outline of that soulful, bearded face.

At least it is clear Dowd has lost her marbles. Her case against Bush, however, is based on Pat Robertson. The very same Pat Robertson Dowd would never quote for any purpose save a Bush smear.

UPDATE: White House denies the statement. Perhaps Dowd should do some research into the various oddball statements Pat Robertson has made in his career as a vessel of God's word, in his head. To a woman who found Jesus in melting snow, Robertson's antics may not seem strange. Given Dowd's religious education, I can see why she might associate all faith with insanity.

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