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Saturday, January 14, 2006

America's Fault

Iran on nuclear collision course
America's Fault

The reactor was the first foundation-stone in Iran's nuclear programme. It was constructed back in the 1950s.

By now, you have probably guessed who built it. That is right - the Americans. They even gave the Iranians some highly-enriched uranium to experiment with as well.

Arguing for Iran's right to peaceful nuclear energy while mocking the idea in the 1950's.

A great argument against pure democracy in theocratic, millenarian Iran:

Whether the West likes it or not, it has become an issue of national pride, which is why there is not much audible dissent across the normally fractious political spectrum.

America's fault

A few years ago, some Iranians were tempted to think that the Americans might be able to bring them a better life. But now, looking at the chaos just next door in Iraq, they have had second thoughts.

BBC is focused like a laser on preventing GWB from seeking a third term in office.



Rancher said...

Ah yes, we should allow Israel to have nukes but not Iran. Israel is democratic and Iran is despotic. Israel has not said Iran should be destroyed, all of the Muslim countries save Egypt want Israel “wiped off the map”. No Jewish head of state is welcoming Armageddon. Iran’s President welcomes the arrival of the Twelfth Imam. Israel is not supporting terrorism in Iran much less the rest of the world. Iran is the number one supporter of terrorism including Hezbullah who is lobbing rockets into Israel almost daily. It would be irresponsible if we did not differentiate the two, despite how the left would like to use that evil argument of morale equivalence.

buzzimp said...

Although, as someone who is living in the West Bank, I have serious concerns about Israel's status as a 'democracy', I accept that there are a few differences between Israel and Iran.
However, the problem is, when the West turned a blind eye to Israel building nuclear weapons, it helped them to start an arms race in the Middle East. Iran is simply following this. In a world with nuclear weapons, it becomes very dangerous to start differentiating who has the 'right' to such weapons, surely everyone does, or noone does. I personally prefer the latter.
Check out for more stories from people living under Israel's 'democracy', if anyone is interested.

Sirc_Valence said...

When a democratic government enhances its defense arsenal as in the construction of nuclear weapons there are pretty likely some good reasons behind such action. One reason, in the case of Israel, being that fanatical and tyrannical powers attempted to wipe her and all of her inhabitants off the face of the planet.

The argument that we should approach suicidal fascists the same way as we would those defending themselves against them is insane.

To wish that no one had nuclear weapons does not answer the question of what to do about a terrorist state seeking nuclear weapons. Why should the potential victims of Iranian nuclear weapons (anywhere in the world) depend on whether or not a hypothetical post-nucleaer Iran ends its non-hypothetical pre-nuclear terrorist activities?

Civilization must not, as Reagan would put it, "suit weakness [or cowardice] in the coat of virtue."