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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Cartoon Clash of Civilizations

Cartoons - "Offense Level" raised
Anyway, we are now on....


There's been trouble over Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Libya, women's rights, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, terrorism, Darfur, oil, and breaking up the Caliphate.**

But 12 cartoons is the ultimate trigger?

The Religious Policeman is comedy gold on what's become a serious issue and a historical footnote of our age.

**Can't forget Lebanon, Crusades, keeping our troops near the Holy Mosques, Land Between the Two Rivers, Somalia, Black Hawk Down, how could I leave that out? Madrassas, honor killings, Wahhabi propaganda in mosques, threats of nuclear terrorism. It has been a somewhat bumpy relationship of late.

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Tiercel said...

Muslim minorities in Western Europe demand for Islam a degree of legal protection which those countries no longer give to Christianity. The true faith, based on God’s final revelation, must be protected from insult and abuse; other faiths, being either false or incomplete, have no right to any such protection. Promoting democracy and human rights are very important goals for the United States, but it also has other interests.