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Monday, January 23, 2006

Contemplating what is too horrible to contemplate

France is going.

The UK is nearly gone.

If this wasn't the final so-called "wake-up call" nothing will do it.

We're in a Clash of Civilizations, but only one side knows there's a fight. In poker terms, Europe is playing out a bad hand where the pot is too large to throw the cards back in. Eurabia will come sooner, not later. Bat Ye'or was right.

Islam is the inversion of Judeo-Christian morality, with special emphasis on deception.

If you study Islam they tell you, first, "it's different in Arabic." If you begin to learn the Arabic terms, then it becomes "non-Muslims can't understand."

If someone can explain to me how we're four years past 9/11 and I've yet to read one in-depth mainstream media piece on Islamic beliefs and theology, one tough interview (hell, one tough question) of a Muslim cleric, or one tough interview of terror-supporting organizations like CAIR,* let me know.

*Based on charges and convictions. Don't bother suing, Ibrahim. Discovery is something you don't want. SLAPP suits: not just for corporations any more.

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