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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Pajamas Media is "PeePee Media?" You must slay you.

The Pause that Refreshes

net's premier Arab-hater

In fact PJM features news coverage from Iraq the Model. The media lost interest in Iraq as things improved so PJM has exclusive Iraqi political coverage. Charles Johnson documents news stories involving Arabs. For you, that's accuracy I guess.

Liberating Arabs from Baathist thugs and the Taliban (not Arabs, but Muslims) suggests you're projecting again. The Left wanted the sanctions lifted and Saddam in power. Meat grinders to silence dissent and medieval torture for Olympic athletes: The Progressive Movement.

Google, the neocon bloggers declared, deliberately ignores their no-talent ill-written diatribes, and instead promotes antiwar, 'anti-American,' and even 'anti-Semitic' propaganda (all three being pretty much equivalent in their minds)."

Amazing how often they're found together.

Wolcott is interested in Iraq insofar as it affects Bush's popularity. I wonder where Wolcott stands on Hamas leadership?


Reality Calling said...

1. The quote you took may well have been from James Wolcott's site, but he was actually quoting a Raimondo piece at

2. Charles Johnson is a low-IQ magpie. Happily cutting and pasting the MSM he loathes so much and adds on average two lines of snark. That hardly constitutes blogging let alone reporting....hence the Google brush off (no matter how hard he pleaded his case....perhaps he should've followed other Bloggers and actually wrote something of his own? Just an idea).

3. Because of his shortcomings and of others associated with him and Roger L. Simon's 'Titanic' (ship not size) faux-media company the usual excuses are wheeled out.....anti-Semitism just about being the lowest of the low (seems the 'IN' thing by right-wing non-Jews at the moment). So the Charles Johnsons and his flunkies like yourself can say what you like.....Wolcott just happens to say things better.

Chip said...

I've been promoted to flunkie?

Wolcott's substance is hysterical and proves what it set out to deny.

jlfintx said...


Is he related to Jersey Joe Wolcott?

E. Nough said...

Not only is Wolcott the ultimate "betwetter" quoting from a confirmed raging nutcase, but he apparently doesn't know the difference between Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.