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Friday, January 20, 2006

HRW notes terrorism like Communism

"Terrorism has become the new communism, as an overriding rationalization to ignore the abuses of human rights," Roth said.

The watchdog also criticized US allies in the war on terror for undermining critical international protections, citing Britain for seeking to send suspects to governments likely to torture, and Canada for moves to dilute a new treaty outlawing enforced disappearances.

Britain, US, and Canada are the big human rights abusers?

Iranians hanging young girls for self defense?


Strange Roth would make a comparison to Communism.

HRW's Roth favors historical revision in favor of Communism, which doesn't bode well for the North Koreans in Kwan-li-so No. 15.

1 comment:

quark2 said...

Just as communism, radical islam is built on a foundation of lies (quicksand anyone?). It is destined to
fail regardless of how much global destruction it might incur before falling.
I suspect there will be many more innocent who will fall because of this
monstrosity before its own demise comes about.