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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Washington Post prints putrid propaganda

What Hamas Is Seeking

By Mousa Abu Marzook

.....Our society has always celebrated pluralism in keeping with the unique history and traditions of the Holy Land. In recognizing Judeo-Christian traditions, Muslims nobly vie for and have the greatest incentive and stake in preserving the Holy Land for all three Abrahamic faiths. In addition, fair governance demands that the Palestinian nation be represented in a pluralistic environment. A new breed of Islamic leadership is ready to put into practice faith-based principles in a setting of tolerance and unity.

In that vein, Hamas has pledged transparency in government. Honest leadership will result from the accountability of its public servants. Hamas has elected 15 female legislators poised to play a significant role in public life. The movement has forged genuine and lasting relationships with Christian candidates.

HAMAS plans to reinstate the dhimmi laws and jizya tax on Christians in reality.

Christian churches are bombed all over the Middle East, three in Iraq recently, innocent bystanders killed. Hamas, by the way, believes in genocide of the Jewish people.

Charles Johnson of LGF asks...
What the hell is wrong with the Washington Post? Who decided it would be a good idea to let a deported Hamas terrorist recite his propaganda talking points?

This op-ed is well-targeted at the American Left, giving them cover if they want to support a genocidal terrorist organization with eventual plans for Spain. Hamas, by the way, has threatened Europe with terrorism for listing Hamas as a terrorist organization.

This rhetoric is top notch.
...Accordingly, America's long-standing tradition of supporting the oppressed's rights to self-determination should not waver.

...quality of life deteriorated for Palestinians in the occupied territories. Poverty levels soared, unemployment rates reached uncharted heights and the lack of basic security approached unbearable depths. A grass-roots alternative grew out of the urgency of this situation. Through its legacy of social work and involvement in the needs of the Palestinian people, the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) flourished as a positive social force striving for the welfare of all Palestinians. Alleviating the debilitative conditions of occupation, and not an Islamic state, is at the heart of our mandate (with reform and change as its lifeblood).

...We appeal to the American people's sense of fairness to judge this conflict in light of the great thoughts, principles and ideals you hold dear in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the democracy you have built. It is not unreasonable to expect America to practice abroad what it preaches at home. We can but sincerely hope that you use your honest judgment and the blessings of ascendancy God has given you to demand an end to the occupation. Meaningful democracy cannot flourish as long as an external force maintains the balance of power. It is the right of all people to pursue their own destiny.

Laugh, or scream?

He almost used "social justice," but not quite.

Hamas, by the way, fights jihad warfare with suicide bombers.

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