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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Magic Words, Please

Arabs Pressure Hamas to Renounce Violence
AP - Wed Feb 1, 3:27 PM ET
CAIRO, Egypt - Two top Egyptian officials called on Hamas to recognize Israel, disarm and honor past peace deals Wednesday, the latest sign Arab governments are pushing the militant group to moderate after its surprise election victory. Separately, an Israeli Foreign Ministry official said that Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has told Egyptian officials he would hold off on asking Hamas to form the next Palestinian government until Hamas renounces violence.

Hard to imagine a less meaningful gesture, excluding some large jizya payments, if accomplished. A Hamas leader will eventually mutter something which won't change their beliefs or intentions one bit.

We will not give up the resistance in the sense of Jihad, martyrdom-seeking, sacrifices, arrests, the demolition of homes, and the uprooting of trees, at the same time, nor the shattering of the Israeli enemy’s honor in all the confrontations - the war of tunnels and of security against the Israeli enemy, which ultimately led to its withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and part of the West Bank

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