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Friday, February 03, 2006

There is no New New World

My ancestors came to the United States to escape state religion, blasphemy laws, and theocracy. Now the American State Department, Bill Clinton, the UN, EU, and countless others have sided with Islamic thugs and theocrats enforcing medieval blasphemy laws at the points of rusty knives.

At what point does it become necessary for free people to take defense of freedom into their own hands? The institutions originally conceived as allies of freedom have abandoned the most fundamental freedom to barbarians.

If our governments would rather side with the enemies of freedom, what does that make our governments?

Yes, cartoons. It actually boils down to cartoons.

I'd move to another planet if it was technically possible. But it's not. So the most serious question remaining is: are there any allies of freedom left in official positions in the so-called West?

If not, what should free people do about it?


David said...

In the Australian vernacular, "take the piss...". That's Aisha's motto!

Rancher said...

The State Department only said the cartoons were offensive to some Muslims, and they were. No blasphemy laws will be passed here, hopefully, in reaction to the Cartoon Chaos. If they do the new Supreme Court will strike them down, again hopefully. Europe however looks to be doing so.

"A recent EU court ruling could see the commission fix statutory criminal penalties for racial or religious hatred should the legislation find a new lease of life."