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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Trappes, France

Guest Translator, "joiesauvage"

>Dhimmi Watch

Translation from Paris: the ISLAMISATION OF FRANCE

Trappes, 35 km of Paris: an islamist city

Seen on television last month:
I decided to give you the link to this impressive video about Trappes, a little town not far from Paris. I hope those of you who understand French will watch it. For the others, I decided to translate the main moments of the video as it really shows how a country gets islamised. A lot of French people have seen it.

First, the journalist tries to film a Muslim prayer in Trappes. People warn him: “if you stay here you will have big problems”. He cannot attend the end of the prayer and he has to leave. Later, a guy in the street threatens him: “What, you want to film what, you want to film the Brothers ? Go away ” etc.

A guy explains to the journalist: “In 20 years, everything has changed here. One cannot buy alcohol anymore. One cannot buy pork. Almost all the whites have left. Amost all the women are veiled. It is a pity because diversity has disappeared”.

The journalist goes to a Muslim book shop... the book seller is a Catholic convert, a radical Muslim (wearing a beard etc.). He only sells religious books about Islam, and he also sells veils for the women. He does not answer when he is asked about lapidation. He says: “it is a complex issue and one would need more time to discuss it”.

Another guy explains he is a theater professor. He tries to give theater lessons to the youth of Trappes. He says: “There are less and less girls attending my improvisation and theater courses... sometimes I meet a girl I know in the street, who used to attend my theater courses, I can hardly recognise her: she wears a veil, she acts strangely and does not talk to me. I can’t believe how they changed, it makes me feel uncomfortable”.

A veiled girl says, very moved: “When I pray, I feel like I am soaring... I am facing God. It is as if I was under drugs, I cannot explain it”.

Then the journalist meets a group of Rap, one of the only ones which is male and female, and some singers are non Muslim. He asks the youth what they think about the veil, but the girls, even the non Muslim, are embarrassed and don’t seem to want to answer. Only the guys talk. But then the journalist asks the girls what they think about it. A non Muslim girl says “I am against the veil, but I don’t want to talk about it”. Another girl says: “I don’t wear a skirt here in Trappes, because in the street the guys would call me a whore. But outside Trappes, I like wearing a skirt”.

The journalist finally finds a laic place, it is a high school. There the girls are free to talk: “20 years ago, women were respected here. Now, there is no respect towards women, they are called WHORES by the men in the street”. Another girl: “the French State must do something... they know it happens, it is visible enough no ? “ Another girl: “When the girls wear trousers, they are more respected than if they wear skirts, but they are still inferior to the men”. “Men think we are sexual objects, and cooks”. A blond girl makes fun of the men saying “all they want is a hole” and all the girls laugh.

Then the journalist films the preparation for the big demonstration against the Law against the veil (it had been a big controversy in France). The guys organise everything and tell the women what they must do. There are two buses to go to Paris (for the demonstration), one for men, one for women. A man climbs into the women’s bus and says to them: “do not talk to any journalist during the demonstration”.

But during the demonstration (in Paris), a veiled woman tells the journalist: “wearing a veil is not always easy, because when you have the veil, you cannot go out on evening anymore”.

Back to the high school. A philosophy teacher (white, non Muslim woman) says: “I had never had problems before but now, some pupils question my teachings in the name of Islam. Islam is superior to everything, it has the answer for everything. It is superior to Science. They say the Big Bang is explained in the Coran. I had some parents coming to the school to contest my teaching in the name of Islam. I was sued by the Muslim association of Trappes for “racial hatred” (NB: the journalist does not say who won).

The journalist films an anti Israel demonstration in Trappes.

The journalist then visits some mothers, first generation of immigrants, who cannot speak French (they speak Arabic). They explain that they are against the veil “because we want our daughters to find a job and with the veil it is not easy”. A white woman says “it is the fault of the successive French goverments because they have put all the Muslims together and hence they speak Arabic between them and have no chance to integrate, and now the radicals are here. It is ridiculous, some women are not even veiled in their coutnry and when they arrive here, after a few months they wear a veil”.

The daughters explain (in French): “We are more educated than our mothers, hence we are more religious because we understand Islam better”. One of them says: “They keep asking us to “integrate”... but they must stop now, they must understand that a Frenchwoman does not necessarily drink beer or eat pork... WE DO NOT WANT TO INTEGRATE. France is also Islamic”.

Some Muslims, in Trappes, disagree, it is the black community (from West Africa). A black guy explains: “We have been rejected by the Arab Muslim community. The Arab Muslims have become too political. We do not want that. We are for a tolerant Islam. We respect the laws of France. We African Blacks are not Arab, and we will never be Arab”. And also: “Now I hear some kids saying that Coca Cola is the drink of Satan...”

Back to the Catholic convert (the book seller): “Islam is for everybody... we just have to wait. Islam is a giant which will conquer everything. Everybody will be touched, the Europeans, the Americans, men and women, the lawyers and the workers, everybody”.

Dhimmi part: about the mayor of Trappes, a socialist. A guy explains that “the mayor of Trappes has given his soul for a mosquee”. He explains that the mayor promised the radicals to give them money for a mosquee and for a religious (coranic) school if they voted for him, which they did. The journalist visits the mayor of Trappes who says he will not comment about that.

Laic resistance in Trappes: some teachers have organised a conference about “women and laicity”. The radical Muslims are attending but they do not speak. A woman says “Islam has to renounce some of its principles to be integrated in Europe”. A veiled girl takes the micro: “Who are you to tell us what we must do, you so called laic people...” etc.

That’s all ! Sorry for my imperfect English... I felt I had to translate this video because it might be our future... I will post in on several threads.... (maybe Mr Spencer will argue with me but I take the risk, as long as he does not lapidate me, but I don’t think lapidation is part of his traditions).

Votre Anglais est tres bon.


To translate from the French I'd have to listen to it a hundred times and dig out my dictionary.

The proposed Trappes Mosque looks like a cross between Versailles and the Louvres, pre-pyramid.

Speaking of great obelisks, some Muslims want to destroy the Great Pyramids.


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