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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Reconciling Islam With Modernity

He asserts that Koranic verses must be interpreted in their historical context and, paradoxically, that it is by acknowledging the historical roots of the Koran that Muslims can reconcile it with modernity.
I've made this argument on many occasions. Unless Islam leaves Seventh Century morality and behaviors in the Seventh Century the modern world will be forced to take draconian defensive measures.

Free people will not accept theocracy, shari'a, beheadings, blasphemy laws, stonings, dhimmitude, jizya, and Islamic supremacism over all other faiths. Islam - the total regulation of human life according to Seventh Century law, science, and morality - will not conquer the modern world. Without Enlightenment Islam is digging its own grave.


JunaidAfeef said...

Just because a guy with a beard, a turban and an arabic accent with "Shaikh" or "Imam" or "Ayatollah" infront of his name says XY or Z about Islam does not make it so.

Islamic law as espoused by those who commit suicide bombings and beheadings (for example) is not the definitive, final word on the subject.

There is much in Islam that transcends time - it was right in the 7th Century and it will be right at the end of time. Furthermore, much of Islamic law is a body of "interpretation" by scholars throughout history. These interpretations are just opinions.

My two cents...

Chip said...

That's the modern approach to religion, junaidafeef. I agree with you.

I certainly don't follow every rule in the Bible. Sometimes I even eat shrimp or a cheeseburger.