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Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 - Year of the Claw Hammer to the Head

I won't miss 2005. It was a year of downs and redefining absolute bottom. The brightest side of 2005 was it ending without clouds of fallout or UN world government. There's always 2006.

The mainstream media continued it's race to 0% credibility. Dan Rather and Mary Mapes still stand by that TANG story, despite the fact you never cared one way or the other. John Kerry will release his military records any day now. The New York Times has told Ambassador de Sadesky and drunk Premier Kissoff what they need to know. The Topol-M will have extra cobalt to make sure your teeth stay their whitest. "Topol-M" - "the smoker's toothpolish"

If you were hoping for moral distinctions - less than moral clarity, but an improvement - the mainstream media let you down, again. Ahmadinejad is viewed as a statesman while Bush gets the hyper-religious label. Sweden released satanic jeans to cap off a full year of lipsiticking Islam in the mainstream media and culture. Munich will bring peace to the Middle East, in our time. Mao Tse Dong, by the way, was responsible for just under 100,000,000 killed. Rummel at "powerkills" is far less important than making sure every college student has the right to lie about Communism and the Department of Homeland Security, to make a point any college graduate knows is false anyway.

The UN Oil-for-Food scandal is the largest, most important, story nobody really understands yet. 2006 should serve as another year to pretend it never happened, like 2005, but even.

Just when I was beginning to trust doctors and science, 2005 came along to remind me science gave us the Tuskeegee Experiment, Dr. Mengele, and the aforementioned atom bomb, which Germany and Japan would have dropped on us if we didn't have the smarter Jews.

Speaking of Jews, they aren't as smart as I thought. When Ahmadinejad's biggest fan - holocaust denier Mark Weber of IHR - wrote his editorial declaring the holocaust to be a myth, Weber had a basketball team of American Jews (alleged academics) backing him up.

Dear 2006,

Quit picking on those around me and just fucking try ME. I will kick your ass like every other year unless you take me out. Let's settle this motherfucker.

I digress. 2006 will be marked by increasing disconnect between the facts on the ground and the mainstream media's take on Islam. They will redouble their efforts to silence anyone who's bothered to open a Qur'an. Nobody wants to face facts when 40 years of making up facts is on the line. Marxists are about as useful as filp flops in North Dakota in the modern (read: medieval) world.

Christianity and Judaism are the only truly revolutionary philosophies, and only if you believe them while fully-clothed.

Communism didn't die, it just got fatter, and tenure. "From each according to statute, to each according to tenure." -- Karl Marx meant to say that.

The Baby Boom Generation will remain young at heart, but mostly at brain.

Meanwhile, the younger folks plan on displacing the "Greatest Generation" by reforming the Middle East. We thought Germany and Japan were tough nuts to crack. Hah!

2005 marked the expansion of the modern jihad to almost every nation on Earth. 2006 should continue this trend, along with improved efforts at denial. Saudi Arabia - our "Allies in the War on Terror" - will open their own Ivy League school or just buy Harvard outright.

Even Dick Clark is sick of ringing in these rat bastards one after the other.

Have a happy GD new year, and don't forget your iodine tablets.

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