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Monday, December 26, 2005

FirstPost runs with Mao-DHS lie

What does this chilling incident, reported in the US on December 17, tell us about the rampant paranoia that is gripping America under a president who has just admitted that he approved a secret order allowing electronic eavesdroppers in the DHS to monitor the conversations and emails of hundreds of his own citizens?
It also shows us how the rule of law within the US is being steadily eroded in the name of combating international terrorism, without a shred of evidence that the measures being rammed through, epitomised by the extraordinary powers of the DHS, could have avoided the 9/11 atrocity. By any constitutional measure, Bush is in breach of the Fourth Amendment, let alone the Foreign Services Surveillance Act, both of which require that the authorities secure court-authorised warrants if they wish to spy on their own people.

Only one problem, the story is an admitted fraud.

Previously debunked by the student who created the lie

This story says a great deal about what the world media is willing to believe about America and our leaders. Anyone who attended college since Vietnam knows The Communist Manifesto (you've mutated the story into Mao's Little Red Book to correct the glaring error) is required reading for any BA student.

(Z)ombie documents this over and over in Berkeley, where Mao's Little Red Book is sold everywhere (running with your new, improved version of the story). It's true all over the nation. Anyone having a passing familiarity with American academia would know most of our professors are Marxists. Open any college course catalog.

Marquette Warrior has more on this lie traveling around the world at warp speed. The truth will never catch up, so the lie worked. James Carville documented spreading the lie at Marquette Warrior.

When will the purveyors of this untruth step up to stop it from spreading? That will be never, as I said before. It fits the narrative, so facts are irrelevant.

Your constitutional law is awful as well.

The only subject not tied to polling in every story is the reputation of legacy media. Wonder why? I don't.

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