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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Vatican Central Politburo For Comedy Presents

Vatican Official: Torture Is Unacceptable
VATICAN CITY - Pope Benedict XVI's top official for justice issues said Tuesday that torture was unacceptable for extracting information that might thwart a terrorist attack.

In analyzing what caused terrorism, the pope said in the Vatican's annual review of world conflicts that "consideration should be given not only to its political and social causes, but also to its deeper cultural, religious and ideological motivations."

Benedict also issued a warning about fundamentalism.

"Religious fanaticism, today often labeled fundamentalism, can inspire and encourage terrorist thinking and activity," he said.

After centuries of doing it for no good reason? Nobody expects the terrorist Inquisition? Hey, what are these two huge rocks for anyway?

C'mon, you guys (and you are all guys), my sides are splitting.

Really? You think dozens of Koranic commands to "strike terror into the hearts of the unbelievers" could lead to, gasp, terrorism? Say it ain't so, Po.

1 comment:

Franze said...

Are you agree with the Torture? I am not. In addition the word "politburo" comparing the Vatican with marxism is hurting for me.
And you have to remember that Spanish Inquisition killed much less than the murdered in 9/11 by islam.
In addition the founder of protestantism Luther hated more the catholics than muslims, and parts of Europe remained muslims too much time.