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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Inevitable blowback from "religion of peace" lies

More Converts to Terrorism
Why wouldn't seemingly ordinary people convert to Islam and kill people? The mainstream media has done a wonderful job making it seem like a reasonable, attractive option.

Fjordman has a must-read piece on the terrorist enablers at the UN. They've sided with seething Muslims who've put contracts out on cartoonists and editors over the right to freedom of expression. The UN isn't merely ineffective, it's evil as well.

More 'good' news on the RoP front:

England is madder than the hatter. Western Union and the Metropolitan Police sponsoring Islamofascist rallies? When the suicide bomb belt absolutely, positively, needs to get there overnight (with a police escort)?

Even more 'good' news, this time from Afghanistan:

Diana West

The Bush Administration seems to have fallen for the RoP lie in Afghanistan. This is what happens when MAINSTREAM Islamic law is allowed to proliferate.

Now they want to put him to death -- Ali Mohaqeq Nasab, the Afghan editor already sentenced to two years hard labor for "blasphemy" against Islam. Now, Afghan prosecutors want to put him to death.

Why? The Muslim editor of "Women's Rights" magazine published articles in post-Taliban Afghanistan that criticized aspects of Islamic law, including the penalties of stoning for adultery, amputation for theft and death for leaving Islam.
"Sometimes the whole religion and the rules of the religion were attacked," explained Muhammad Aref Rahmani, who sits on Afghanistan's council of Islamic scholars.

Attacked? "For instance," Mr. Rahmani told the Chicago Tribune, "he says one woman should be equal to one man, as a witness in a case, which is completely against our religion."

Tell me again why we allow pious Muslims to immigrate to the United States? Really, I'd like to hear ONE good argument. A pious Muslim cannot take any serious oath of office in the United States. The U.S. Constitution must come second to sharia (medieval) law.

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