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Friday, December 16, 2005

*RAWK* "The American People" *RAWK*

Here's a little thought experiment for you if you watch news talk shows on TV: count the number of times the "Democratic Strategist" (reads the latest polls, regurgitates talking points faxed / e-mailed earlier in the day) uses the expression "The American people" in the first three minutes. My record is three uses in two sentences. Then I changed the channel.

The American people don't agree on anything. We're a diverse nation of people from Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR, to Jerry Falwell, the Unabomber, reclusive savants, and pointy-headed Hollywood poseurs like Tim Robbins or Barbara Streisand.

When someone tries to claim "the American people" agree on anything, what you are really hearing is "The latest polls say a slight majority or plurality thinks..." This includes your neighbor with cars on blocks, the crazy old man down the street, and the lady with fifteen cats.

Do you really want political leaders sticking their fingers in the wind for public opinion knowing the elite media primarily shapes opinion rather than delivering actual news? Shouldn't politicians use their specialized knowledge and access to information to lead the nation rather than assuming the latest comparatively small, unscientific, sampling of random Americans has precedential value?

I give up, folks. We're 'led' by idiots. They can't use the Internet to discover basic facts. Our intelligence services and media can't find stuff which is two search terms away from anyone who's computer literate. I barely qualify, yet manage to stay light years ahead of the DoD and CIA in many cases.

I realize nobody is hanging on my every word out there in virtual reality land, but I've just had it, and needed to vent somewhere.

The American people say I should take a break. I'm doing it for the American people, in the interests of the American people...


Grow some nads, "stratgists." Think a little inside the box, realizing you thinking outside the box is like me asking for a Bugatti Veyron for Christmas.

Quit telling me what I think.


Jeff Gates said...

I think you've stumbled upon a new drinking game. Every time some political operative utters a key catch phrase, like the "American People" or "working poor" (Dems) or "traditional values" (GOP)- it's SHOT TIME, Baby! I guarantee I'd watch the news more often. I'm not sure that's a good thing, though.

Johnny Uno said...


Absolutely right...we are led by 'idiots'. Our politicians are intersted in one thing...themselves. We need action in this country not infighting about wether my rights might be violated if the NSA listens in on my phone call to my girlfriend to pick up milk on the way home.
Good luck and keep up the good work.

Johnny Uno