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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Roman Catholic Dhimmitude

Bethlehem a 'prison' - patriarch
All the crazed Arab 'gunmen' running around with itchy RPG fingers wearing ski masks or green trucker (Hamas) caps?

No, da JOOOOOS, of course! Remember when some other Christians were, well, on the wrong side of history? Some things don't change much. Roman Catholic Patriarch, a hippie? Go figure.

Michel Sabbah, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, called for all barriers between people to be dismantled.

He was joined by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, ambassadors from several countries and thousands of Christians for Christmas Eve mass in Bethlehem.

Israel says the barrier is defensive, but Palestinians see it as a land grab.

'Bridges of peace'

The patriarch, who is the pope's representative in the Holy Land, called for the barrier to be removed and said "bridges of peace and love" should be built instead.

Please look down for "Muslim land" observations. I'm sick of beating this horse. Nothing but all of Israel, and the rest of the world, will satisfy them.

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