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Thursday, December 08, 2005

The trumpets blared: "Kofi is in the Clear!"

Time for the MSM to switch to something more subdued for this story. It was obvious, Kojo being part of Cotecna. How little coverage can a critical story get? We're about to find out. The silence you are about to hear rivals Walter Duranty's cover up of Stalin's atrocities (for which he won a Pulitzer Prize, which the NYT won't return).

Documents Show Peril Annan Faced in U.N. Oil-for-Food Scandal
The documents show a clear difference of opinion on Annan's testimony within the Oil-for-Food Inquiry Committee. Chairman Paul Volcker overruled the investigator who actually interviewed Annan. That investigator, Robert Parton, then resigned in protest.

The documents include a transcript of a March 8 meeting between Volcker and other members of his team at which time they discussed Annan's role in the Oil-for-Food scandal and how truthful Annan had been in his interviews with investigators.

According to the papers, asked if Annan lied, Volcker said: "Well, my general feeling about the report is that if you accuse him of lying, he is gone and I don't know if we have the evidence to make that accusation. But we have a lot of unexplained business. The facts will speak for themselves, but we can't conclude he lied. But other people may conclude that."

Parton saw the situation differently.

"You start adding up a collection of individual points — maybe no one of them is sufficient alone but when you add them together I don't believe him on our standard of proof."

In the documents, Volcker asked Parton what the standard of proof is for the investigation, to which Parton replied: "More likely than not."

Volcker argued that is not a standard to which the committee agreed. "I am not prepared to hang Kofi Annan on that," he said. Volcker then ruled that there was not "reasonably sufficient evidence" to conclude that Annan lied.

In his testimony behind closed doors to the House panel, Parton said "reasonably sufficient evidence" is not a legally-accepted term because it is too subjective, and that Volcker's committee had previously agreed to judge each individual on the commonly used "more likely than not" standard of proof.

Legal scholars who spoke to FOX News backed Parton's claim that "reasonably sufficient evidence" is not a legal standard. Parton is now prevented from talking publicly because Volcker and the United Nations obtained a seven-year injunction against him.

But when it was time to conclude, Volcker (hand-picked by Kofi Annan) covered for Kofi. The world wants this sordid story of global corruption to fade quietly away. It doesn't fit the hate-America-first narrative. The largest scandal in geo-political history, covered less than Nick and Jessica's breakup.

The Iraq War, the positions of the major players at the UN, why the U.S. didn't find large stockpiles of WMD's in Iraq, Saddam's strategy for rebuilding his WMD programs with no international pressure whatsoever, all flow through this story.

It's time for someone to dig into Paul Volcker's financial portfolio and friends in high places. It's obvious there is a conflict of interest in play.

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