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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Charles Moore (Telegraph UK) has guts

But, Archbishop, this is the bleak mid-winter for many Christians

Several invisible, but very real, taboos are broken in this op-ed. Moore actually mentions the Koran. Muslim laws against blasphemy are discussed. Persecution of Christians is no longer ignored. Hopefully this is a new, surprising trend.
The other problem Dr Williams raised, however, is as real as real could be. There is no declaredly Muslim state which offers full civil rights to Christians. In Saudi Arabia, it is an offence to hold a Christian service in public. In Iran, the new president has said, "I want to stop Christianity in this country", and in the past month, a Protestant pastor has been murdered there because he himself converted from Islam and was converting others (all five schools of Islamic law agree that the penalty for conversion - "apostasy" - is death).

It's nice to see a major newspaper doing its job.

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