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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Spirit

At church last night the pastor reminded of us how Christ Himself was a real live baby which cried and gurgled and did all the other things babies do. The Word became Flesh and salvation became attainable for each and every one of us. In sacrificing His Son--Himself really (our limited minds strain to grasp the theological mystery)--the disorder and chaos rampant in the Cosmos was rendered harmless to those of us who allow Him to softly enter our hearts.

Through the man Jesus Christ we may bridge the Infinite and know God insofar as is possible in this fallen world. To Him I give humble thanks and all my love. From Him I ask guidance that I may do His will as best I can.

By Pro-Bush Canuck

Hope springs eternal, from Miriam's comment at Iraq the Model:
Salam and Merry Christmas,

Bless the Assyrian and Chaldean christian brothers and sisters and others in Iraq during this difficult time. Christmas is a good time to remember Isa's teachings of peace, love, mercy, forgiveness. May this manifest in Iraq for all people under the Unity of Allah. ameen

Pearls of Iraq

I root for pluralism (American, I can't help it) more than "Unity," but Miriam understands the Christmas Spirit.

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