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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Happy Norooz Everybody!


Faith Freedom

Norooz greetings to all Mankind and particularly to those who celebrate this great Day. Norooz is the celebration of life and fertility. Its origin fades into history. This is the oldest festivity alive and it will live as long as this planet lives. Ten thousand years from now, the world will be a different place. All races will merge and become indistinguishable. Nationality would make no sense. Long after religions are thrown in the dustbin of history along with their festivities, the Mother Earth will keep celebrating Norooz in the vernal equinox as she has been doing for billions of years. Trees will blossom, deserts will bloom and life will burst with its glory and beauty. Norooz and perhaps its twin festivity Mehregan, celebrated in the other equinox will endure as long as the Earth endures. The festivity of the 21st of December, when in most of the Earth light overcomes darkness, symbolizing the victory of good over evil, will also be celebrated. These festivities do not belong to any nation or religion. They are the festivities of the Mother Earth. We humans only rejoice watching in awe the miracle of her rebirth year after year in Norooz. Happy Norooz!

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