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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Repeal the 22nd Amendmet?

I saw recently.


Domestic gridlock in the second term is good for reflection. We don't need more laws. After two centuries there are not many needs in the statutory supply department. Both Congress and the President have constitutional duties to perform without major domestic overhauls.

Entitlement spending and defense spending must be controlled. In the case of entitlements it makes more sense to start early and phase it in. Cutting discretionary spending won't cut it. I want to go to the moon, and get along with the Chinese and Russians up there.

Which should be a focus of the second term, finding a way to get on the same page with China, Russia, Japan, and Korea. We're in a multi-polar world with ineffective and corrupt international governance.

Human rights law licenses genocide. We don't need more bridges named after Senator Byrd.

President Bush can veto whatever he wants. He has never vetoed any bills, but he could veto all bills. GWB will always be the war-democratic reform-idealist presdent. If he's actually quoted instead of paraphrased. Making it work is more important than politics or a domestic agenda.

The second term is like coasting your senior year, but playing very competitive sports.

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