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Friday, March 24, 2006

Yale Fails

Why did Yale slam the door on Afghan women?

Give one of these Marines a scholarship.
Marines Notice Things
The Marines unloaded a shiny new pediatric wheelchair from one of their vehicles and rolled it into the house.

The little girl had suffered a severe spinal injury in a car accident two years ago. The old wheelchair was the best the family could do for her.

Until the Marines came.

The family's faces lit up with the smiles. The incredulous father picked up his daughter and immediately placed her in the new wheelchair. He shook the Marines' hands, saying "Thank you," again and again.

"They seemed pretty happy about it," said Cpl. Matthew Rivera.

"We knew we had to help out in some way," said Staff Sgt. Charles Evers.

The Marines didn't stay long. There were smiles and a few tears and then they jumped back into their assault vehicles and headed back to Camp Smitty.

I really like the new M-32 and this post has some interesting detail on specialty rounds.
HUNTIR, HELLHOUND, DRACO and carrying a big stick


PDF: MGL-140 (aka "M-32")

Blackfive likes it.


Army of Davids provokes many reactions, some of them related to the book itself. This is not one of those reactions.

Glenn Reynolds does not own the rights to "heh" "hah" "har" "BWHAHAHA" "ROFL" "spew" "you owe me a monitor" "lol" LOLOLOLOL" or any combination of "ol" or "lo."


Army of Davids

Right-Wing Nuthouse visits the ethical and cultural questions of our times.

“What Would Jack Bauer Do(?)”

I'd counter with "What would THE UNIT do?"

They have a more reasonable mission statement and mandate for fighting the GWOT.

The Unit understands the importance of team work and doesn't rely so much on Jack Bauer's Army-Of-One approach to confrontation. THE UNIT knows 9mm handguns aren't the answer to every tactical situation.

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