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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

News roundup, yee-haw!

Forgiveness is so divine sometimes it's only reasonable to expect from God.
(doff: PJM)

Christians sometimes take an approach to forgiveness and dialogue which amounts to suicide, which is itself a mortal sin.

More on the Muslim rape spree.

Credit Fjordman for bringing the truth to light. But revealing the truth, sadly, forced him out of blogging. Europe would rather sacrifice women to the hordes than deal with them. It's easy to punish peaceful bloggers.

More MSM lipsticking of Islam.
By the time the mainstream media realizes they are proselytizing for those who would destroy them I fear it will be too late.

I have yet to see one, ONE, mainstream media article which squarely deals with the Islamic scripture our enemy uses to justify raping, beheading, capturing, enslaving, and murdering us. Has there ever been such a ongoing failure in a critical institution which didn't lead to disaster?

On the other hand could Europe be awakening to the threat despite the best efforts of the mainstream media? Perhaps an "Army of Davids" is more powerful than the original David. The mainstream media Goliath never learns from mistakes, which is both bad for society and good for the blogosphere.

How many great articles on human rights violations around the world were scrapped so the MSM could keep picking away at the United States? How can news services and reporters sleep at night?

Of course, even the home nations or neighbors of Gitmo detainees summarily executing the prisoners is the fault of the United States. But so is military intervention to overthrow brutal regimes. And so is keeping them in Gitmo. And why can't the U.S. force other nations to give them asylum? And...? Media logic always ends at the same conclusion: U.S. bad.

How many people come out of North Korean gulags with good things to say?

(Boy, 12, recounts days as terror inmate
Youngest captive spent 17 months detained, a year at Guantanamo

Oh, yes, I forgot. Nobody is allowed in them, near them, or has any idea how many millions have died of starvation, human experimentation, forced abortion, or the good old Communist coup de grace to the back of the head.

Goliath, the big dumb brute, thinks he can still make us disbelieve our lying eyes.
So what changed? The answer is 1967 and Israel’s subsequent emergence as a power determined to annex territory beyond its legally recognized borders. The unbearable truth is that the left that identifies with the Palestinians today is largely the same left that identified with Israel in the 1950s and the 1960s. Moreover, it does so for largely the same reason: instinctive sympathy for the underdog. For some, the idea that anyone could see the conflict in these terms is literally unthinkable, so they are forced to impute to Israel’s critics the motive of Jew-hatred.

This reminds me of the German father who warned his son who was heading to Operation Barbarossa: "Any idiot looking at a map (could) see Germany (was) going to lose the war."

Somehow, Israel has defied every bit of accepted military wisdom and triumphed. Survival as a motivator is certainly a factor. Brilliant strategy and tactics is another. Some would argue the only way Israel has triumphed in the face of superior numbers, even equipment in some cases (upgraded Shermans v. modern Soviet T-54's in 1967), is divine intervention.

Only a Jew-hating Guardian columnist could call the Arab states the underdog. See? I didn't call you an anti-Semite.

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