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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Is the nation-state dying?

Austin Bay at TCS.

Yes, but not in favor of a civilized international order. Tribalism (and not just in nations with tribes), sectarianism, dictatorships, and radical revolutionary ideologies are stronger than ever. The Left's feminists have allied with Taliban at Yale. Professors favor prior restraint of mild cartoons. Global theocracy, race-baiting, authoritarianism, and lapidation are in. Borders, Enlightenment values, equal justice, and rule of secular law are out.

It's hard to believe anyone could place intellectual stock in the present-day UN. Sudan and China policing human rights? That's the most unfunny joke I've ever heard.

Using the Balkans as reason to believe in international law is a bit like using Hiroshima to push for more nuclear power plants.

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jlfintx said...

Chip, where is it safe to post anymore? There is such a fenzy feeding mentality so much these days.

I guess I am being cryptic but was savaged at GCP and feel bad.

Btw, we will be thinking of you come 5/11. That is my wife's birthday as fate would have it.