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Friday, March 17, 2006

No Jihady World Coverage, Sorry - Citizen Journalist Duties: Shirked

I said "shirk" in a story about chickening out on driving out to UCF to listen to Islamists speak. Heh.

But that's what I did, chickened out. I was going to drive out there and take pictures. I imagined myself hassled by University Police and college administrators, protecting their pet jihadis from any harm.

I can't imagine any other scenario. There's no way UCF administrators decided to stop a public university from becoming a recruiting ground for jihadis and radical Islam. They're not Christians, after all. Besides, what a wonderful opportunity to recruit some spicy diversity! Maybe there's Taliban without a full scholarship.

Welcome to Jihady World, Orlando. This is but a small lost battle in a campaign for our university system.

Back in 1944, were Nazis allowed to recruit on campus?

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