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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Apocalyptic president

Even some Republicans are now horrified by the influence Bush has given to the evangelical right

Sidney Blumenthal
Thursday March 23, 2006

Within hours of its publication, American Theocracy rocketed to No 1 on Amazon. At US cinemas, V for Vendetta - in which an imaginary Britain, ruled by a totalitarian, faith-based regime that rounds up gays, is a metaphor for Bush's America - is the surprise hit. Bush has succeeded in getting American audiences to cheer for terrorism.

You're selling the Democrats, education, mainstream media, and Hollywood short, Sydney. Terrorism chic and ignorant moral equivalences as answers to everything.

I think you're playing with fire which will have long-term damaging consequences to the Democratic Party, but worse the United States and free world.

Meanwhile, in Iran, gays are rounded up and stoned to death. Girls can be hung for self-defense from attempted rapists. The UK features polygamy and honor killings now.

Hollywood and the Democrats only attack soft targets.

Christians don't believe in bringing on chaos in the world so the Twelfth Imam or Madhi reveals himself, as does Ahmadinejad. "Twelvers" are in charge of Iran. When Christians start pushing for a Senate vote on dates for an apocalypse, be sure to send me e-mail alerts.

Blumenthal claims to have a refined sense for apocalyptic danger, but it's overly selective.

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Anonymous said...

Wake up, Chipper: The GOP's (God's Own Party) foreign policy is predicated on paving the way for the second coming of Christ. Protect Isarel at all costs, prepare for Armageddon in the Middle East. Hell, Dubya thinks he was chosen by God. Religious fundamentalism, be it Christian, Muslim or Jewish, will be the death of us all.