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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Maybe sunlight will do the trick: vampire hate crimes

If a law makes you feel good, it must do good.

My favorite subject, "hate" "crimes." That's when lawyers forget every pragmatic concern they ever had about the basics of criminal law and get tough on oh-so-very-bad mens rea.

Actus reus?

Did I mention how very bad it is to have certain things in your head?

Hate crimes famously came up in James Byrd's capital murder case when Texas was hamstrung by an inability to offer any punishment beyond lethal injection, thus allowing the perpetrators to walk free as the undead for all eternity. Clearly holy water and stakes must be applied posthaste.

Here we only have multiple counts of attempted murder, in a situation where the specific intent practically jumps out at a potted plant.

Yes, more laws! That will do good!

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